Barry Du Bois runs for Senate seat

"My promise is to be the voice for the everyday citizen," says Living Room builder as he runs as an independent.

The Living Room‘s resident builder Barry Du Bois is making a tilt at the Australian Senate, as an independent candidate.

“It’s time for the average Australian to be given a seat at the table,” Du Bois said. “For too long, politicians have used complicated language to hide the fact not everyone’s been getting a fair go,” he said.

“This is not about being left-wing or right-wing or whether you like ScoMo or Albo. This is about getting an Independent in the Senate, to review legislation and to make sure it will create a prosperous Australia for everyone. Not just the privileged few with money and the influence.

“We’ve all being let down by a system where deals are done behind closed doors and where big
corporations and the lobbyists have all the power.

“My promise is to be the voice for the everyday citizen. I will look at every bit of legislation through their eyes, to evaluate how it will personally affect them, their family and the Australia that’s going to be left behind for their kids.”

Du Bois, who has twice battled cancer, also stood in 2004 as an independent for Waverley but was unsuccessful. His TV profile may change all that.

He has pledged seven ‘Fair Go for all’ pillars for his platform:

• Sustainability
Meeting our needs economically, environmentally and socially without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.

• Commerce
Striking the right balance between Capitalism and the free market. Working towards a fairer tax system, and a model that relies less on corporate welfare. To create a nation of wealth for the Commonwealth and the individual.

• Culture
A culture that is inclusive and based on respect, clear communication and radical transparency.

• Education
Education is the future of our nation. It must be free, equal and accessible to all.

• Health
Medical care, health and medicines must be accessible to all regardless of wealth, location, age or condition. We’re a rich country compared to most. We need to do better.

• Cohesion
The word ‘Commonwealth’ refers to sharing the ‘common’ ‘wealth’ – the riches of one’s country. Yet Australia’s wealth is enjoyed by a privileged few. We need to work more cohesively so everyone can enjoy the spoils.

• Transparency
Radical transparency means we govern openly and fairly so the citizen who voted for me has full disclosure on all interactions conduct on their behalf.

But he doesn’t plan to give up The Living Room either.

At his new website, teambaz.com.au he notes, “The Living Room and the cast and crew are like family to me. There may be some slight changes to my filming schedule but the network and I are very happy and confident that I can manage both jobs. Amanda, Chris and Miguel all have businesses and other jobs, and now I hope to as well. Many senators work as members of the parties or have businesses to run etc.”

“None of us know how long we’ve got left here. That’s why I’m going to use whatever time I have left to make a big difference. It’s for my kids. It’s for your kids. And it’s for Australia,” Du Bois said.

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  1. Good on ya, Baz! Great that you can put yourself forward in a democracy.
    Not sure a TV celeb is an “average Australian” – maybe Pauline Hanson (fish and chip shop owner) can take that mantle.
    But I’m sure, if elected, he’ll do a good job at keeping the [email protected] honest.

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