Caitlyn Jenner for Big Brother VIP?

Seven could be gathering some very big names for upcoming reality series.

The chatter has been gearing up this week on casting for Big Brother VIP with the Daily Telegraph now speculating Caitlyn Jenner will be in the mix for the Seven series.

Transgender advocate Jenner is a big coup for the Endemol Shine series should it come to pass, although she has featured in both US and UK editions of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! (including one filmed in Australia). A member of the Republican Party, she is also running for governor of California.

Her possible arrival to Sydney is already attracting some online comment in regards to international caps. Similarly there were questions raised for Rita Ora on The Voice, but her quarantine was privately funded and separate to caps on arrivals.

So far Seven is not commenting on who has signed on to the series, but there are rumours of more international names.

TV Tonight also hears former US Apprentice firebrand Omarosa Manigault Newman (who became a political aide to President Trump) is also a possible starter.

With the delays to Australia’s Got Talent ,BBVIP could also be looking at a longer production season than was planned, but with a bolstered talent budget.

The new series will shoot at Sydney’s Olympic Park and screen later this year.

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  1. Let’s not forget “Vehicular Manslaughter Advocate”, eh?
    Good to see diversity & representation for Trans folks (especially from Seven…), but this is Schappelle all over again.

    Belle Gibson and Pete Evans to co-host the Healthy, Wealthy & Wise reboot in 2022.

    Buckle Up Buckaroos!

  2. With Katie Hopkins posting videos of how she doesn’t take seriously the rules in hotel quarantine, making a complete joke of opening up the hotel doors and saying she is going against the 30 second instructions to wait to open the door – we have over 12 million Australian’s trying to get through lockdowns, and many people who I’m more than sure are worried about income, the future and worrying about other peoples mental health. There are so many people across the world who are waiting to come home, yet she is allowed to skip the line, and post videos which directly relate to many chief health offices across Australia who have said the virus has spread from people opening up hotel doors and leaking from one to another. Channel 7 should reconsider their morals and business ethics on this one, and not allow her on the air at all. I hope anyone who saw the footage of Katie going against the exact examples of what not to do, has not triggered anyone, and can ask for help if needed.

    1. certainly any rule/law breaches by her should be treated as they would be with any ‘non celebrity’, other than that don’t expect TV networks to care that much about morals, that usually applies to most multi million dollar industries too……

  3. There’s now reports that anti-vaxxer, COVID-denier Katie Hopkins is in Australia for Celeb BB. How on earth could her visa be approved? Shameful on the part of the Australian government. And while the ABC airs a documentary with scientists explaining COVID-19, Channel 7 stoops to an all new low. Will not watch their network for a long time if this goes ahead.

    1. the trouble is alot of people will watch it because she’s a troll & her job is to get attention any way she can hence eyes on screens. Having a villain in the mix for viewers to hate on equals ratings for reality shows….

    1. totally agree, & that disgusting Katie Hopkins has also been allowed in, ggrrrr! She’s already been trolling on social media, well Instagram since she got banned on Twitter.

  4. Where’s this being filmed? Assuming restrictions might impact this?
    News.com had an article saying Caitlin was here for 3 weeks – which included quarantine. So 1 week filming? A lot $$ for 1 week

  5. Interesting to see Omarosa play again … she did the USCelebBB and she played that game well (a Finale Night Evictee, voted out before the Final Jury Vote). Rooting for her to get the win here if she’s on the cast.

  6. Well this lifts the bar for celebrity shows. thats huge and while shes running for governor. I also love Omorosa – have loved her since US celeb apprentice. I’ll be watching!!!

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