Charmaine Bingwa, rising star….

The sister of a Channel Nine boss is so convincing in The Good Fight it's easy to forget she's an Aussie.

I had completely forgotten in watching the new episodes of The Good Fight that I was seeing Aussie actress Charmaine Bingwa in the new role of Carmen Moyo.

The Perth-born actor, a 2018 winner of the Heath Ledger Scholarship, is also sister to Clive Bingwa, managing director of Nine Perth.

Her credits include Black Box, Nekutronic, Little Sista, Starting From …Now.

In January she was cast as Carmen Moyo, a tough, unsentimental, young lawyer whose working-class background allows her to bond with Reddick, Boseman & Lockhart’s most infamous, difficult clients. With the show’s recent departure by Britain’s Cush Jumbo, she is already getting major storylines and major press.

In an interview with news.com.au she said her character is plugged right into storylines that are ripped from the headlines.

“I liked that she gives cause to a really relevant ethical and moral debate that’s going on in society right now,” she said.

“We’ve seen recently that your politics, the colour of your skin, your wealth influences how you’re treated in the legal system. While Carmen is morally ambiguous, I think it shows us some of the cracks and issues with our society and our systems.

“It broadly asked the question, ‘do we have a legal system, or do we have a justice system?’”

She also told gave an interview to TV Insider which asked what she enjoyed most about her first American TV show?

“That it’s both comedy and drama. I’ve played purely dramatic roles before and I get to flex my comedic chops. And it’s exciting to play such an interesting role and to find out new things about her.”

No doubt brother Clive is proud.

The Good Fight airs 8:30pm Thursdays on SBS.

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  1. Her character is very ‘blank’ so far-no insights into what she thinks or feels-and so far, this season has been utterly surreal-makes ‘Boston Legal’ seem sane…

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