First VOZ report sees Ash Barty match lift to 2.245m

TV ratings get a shot in the arm when Metro, Regional & BVOD numbers become official.

The first VOZ report has now been issued, giving a new oversight of “Total TV” viewing for the period of July 4  -10 2021.

This shows Ash Barty’s Wimbledon match, which had an audience of 1.546m metro /560,000 regional, has increased to 2.245m when adding in Broadcast Video on Demand.

Seven News has increased to 1,872,000 with Nine News up to 1,554,000.

Elsewhere Farmer Wants a Wife Launch was up to 1,516,000 with Australian Ninja Warrior Winner at 1,497,000.

Best for ABC was ABC News Sunday at 1,202,000.

10’s best was Have You Been Paying Attention? which lifted to 1,130,000 while Who Do You Think You Are? lifted to 580,000 for SBS.

The top performer in scripted sees Home & Away lift to 1,307,000.

You can check out more results at the link below.

VOZ data will be available weekly at virtualoz.com.au/report/total-tv/

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  1. As an advertiser this is quite enlightening, if I understand it correctly. Half watch ‘normal’ TV, where my commercials are played, but half are watching on BVOD, where my commercials are not shown. Looking at local regional ad rates from a decade ago and audience numbers of a decade ago, am asking my sales rep why I shouldn’t have at least a 50% discount. I mean, in 2013 TEN had Elementary with 901,000 viewers – in a week where ABC beat TEN every night. Yet last night The Bachelor premieres at just 482,000. Maybe advertisers should start paying by per-‘000 viewers? at 2012 rates?

    1. You’d pay for the platform you are advertising on though. Even watching shows live (I streamed survivor from phone to tv in bedroom live) they had completely different adverts to what was on with the tv in the main room (watching survivor live on ten).

      Even on catch-up, there are still adverts inserted to ad breaks. There would be/are different packages that you would choose for advertising.

    2. It’s not half. For Barty’s match it’s 1.56m 5MC, 0.56m regional on live plus timeshifting and 0.1m on live streaming and catch up streaming. Live sport is not a good demonstraition of BVODs importance.

      It looks like BVOD adds about 5% for stuff people tend to watch live but people are now streaming competion shows, Farmer Wants a Wife got 11% boost. If we ever see a drama make the top 20 shows again, we will see how much BVOD boost drama

      BVOD revenue goes mostly to online advertising suppliers e.g. Google.

    1. They were accounted for in the Oztam Metro Overnights + Timeshift, Nieslen Regional and Oztam BVOD numbers. This is just adding them all up properly producing a single National total, weeks after people watched them.

      The numbers will be a bit larger, but relatively they mean the same thing.

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