Five Bedrooms: trailer

Housemates move into a brand new home, when Aussie drama returns in August.

ViacomCBS has released a trailer for Season 2 of Five Bedrooms, coming to Paramount+ in August.

Alongside the cast of Kat Stewart, Stephen Peacocke, Doris Younane, Katie Robertson, Roy Joseph, Hugh Sheridan and Kate Jenkinson is Rodger Corser.

Our Five Bedrooms housemates are moving to a flashy new neighbourhood called Paramount+. They pick up the keys on Wednesday, 11 August.

There’s a new home. A DIY renovation. A DIY renovation injury. Two pregnancies. An ex-husband. A workplace bullying complaint. An unexpected tragedy. Love found and love lost.

This was not what our five had imagined for their lives. This is Australian drama at its best.

Five Bedrooms is a Hoodlum Production for Paramount+. Major production investment from Screen Australia. Developed and produced with the assistance of Film Victoria.  

Wednesday, 11 August on Paramount+.

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  1. Still not happy with the move. It’s ridiculous that we have so many platforms we need to pay to watch. In middle of a pandemic?! Greedy! I hope Paramount+ flops hard.

  2. Sadly won’t be watching either and I think this will be the last season. Loved season 1 but we already pay enough for TV and can not justify another sub. Tried 10 All Access Trial and there was nothing worth paying for and this is essentially All Access rebranded. If they want Aussie content to succeed they need to ensure it is free to view

  3. I so want to see this. Loved S1. Definitely will join just initially as I have enough ‘long term’ subscriptions (Netflix & Disney+. Just got BritBox for a month to watch Line Of Duty S6 and decided to hang around to watch Cold Feet episodes I missed previously. Then I will join Paramount+ so I can watch this. Hopefully it is dropped all at once and not weekly!

    1. Great way to support Aussie drama markyboy, by not watching it. This will be the new norm moving forward, so you better get used to it.

      I on the other hand, can’t wait for s2, looking forward to Aug 11th. Doesn’t worry me if it’s dropped all at once or weekly. From a marketing strategy, most likely it will be weekly.

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