Front Bar cleared over sponsorship complaint

Ad Standards Community Panel has investigated Seven footy panel over too much beer.

The Front Bar has been cleared by the Ad Standards Community Panel following a complaint that the show was just an ad for beer.

Carlton Draught is the naming rights partner and founding brand partner, which is declared by the show.

But the Sunday Herald Sun reports a complaint that “advertising (was) not clearly distinguishable” drew an investigation under the Australian Association of National Advertisers Code of Ethics.

“Footy show commentators drinking beer. On beer while talking about football. My grandkids watch this show. I can see pure and simple they are advertising beer. I have watched TV for many, many years to know this,” a complainant wrote.

Integrated on-set branding, includes Carlton Draught on tank beer, kegs, beer taps, wall posters, pot glasses, bar mats, heritage posters/jumpers, and other Carlton Draught branded paraphernalia.

Commentators must mention the sponsorship of Carlton Draught at least three times per episode.

“The commentators are directed to responsibly consume the Carlton Draught product on set where appropriate and willing,” a CUB statement read.

The producers have estimated that the host would drink 1.5 to 2 glasses per show. Guests may opt out of alcohol.

The Front Bar does not host guests that: appear under the age of 25 years; are known to have any conviction for drink driving, alcohol-related violence or public drunkenness offences; are known to engage in binge drinking or for being under the influence of alcohol,” CUB said.

Seven supplies the proposed guest list to CUB -who can veto any guest- and retains editorial control of the show.

The Ad Standards Community Panel found The Front Bar made it abundantly clear it was sponsored program and that the sponsor was a beer company.

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  1. I think it’s an interesting point. We don’t allow smoking cigarettes on screen, but we think it’s okay to have any number of blokes drinking beer. The regulations will catch up in time.

    It’s a testament to the nation’s addiction that bottle shops are an essential retailer through lockdowns across the country.

  2. Kinda off topic i know… but a couple of weeks ago i was watching a movie on 9Go… and they had an ad onscreen during the film!

    Now i’ve seen them advertise their own shows in the corners… but never just an actual ad… it was bizarre…
    As if they don’t show enough ads, now we gotta deal with it while trying to enjoy the actual program

    I don’t watch free-to-air much anymore… so this may have been going on awhile

  3. People who complain about this show need to get a real problem. If you don’t like what the show’s about, switch it off! If enough people do so, then the show won’t rate well and it’ll be pulled off the air!

  4. I watched the show for the first time this week because of the Olympics special, and yes it is totally a beer commercial with some added sport content, but I like Mick and Sam Peng et al and enjoyed it anyway.

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