Gorgi Coghlan quits The Project

"It hasn't been an easy decision but after 10 years on this wonderful show I feel that it's time."

Gorgi Coghlan has quit The Project, after 10 years as part of their rotating hosting panel.

On Instagram she said, “After a lot of reflecting I’ve made the big decision to step away from @theprojecttv. It hasn’t been an easy decision but after 10 YEARS on this wonderful show I feel that it’s time. I really love broadcasting and I’ve missed it this year.

“Throughout my career I’ve always known and felt when it’s time to leap into the unknown to discover new adventures.

“I leave with so much gratitude for what @theprojecttv has given me. I first started hosting the show when I was pregnant with our daughter Molly-Rose. Over 10 years I’ve (mainly!) laughed, shed tears, interviewed Prime Ministers, super stars and incredible humans who have faced tragic circumstances. I’ve had the absolute joy of working with the most creative, hard working production team who give their all every day, and the generous and magical make up and wardrobe staff (who literally work miracles!)

“A big shout out to @pjhelliar Pete, Carrie @bickmorecarrie and Lisa @lisa_wilkinson and all of the wonderful co-hosts over the years. Thank you for your support, kindness and friendship.

“Pete, how lucky I’ve been to work with you on the desk where you never failed to make me laugh so hard every single show! An extra special thank you to my partner in crime on the desk and the person who I’ve spent the most working hours with over the past ten years, Waleed. I feel so lucky to have shared this chapter with you. Your grace, intelligence, wisdom and gentleness inspire me.

“Big thanks to Craig Campbell, who created this show, and who believed in me from the start. What a ride.

“Finally, a HUGE thank you to the viewers who are the heart and soul and most important part of this show, I’ve always felt the love and support from you and YOU are the reason I love broadcasting. To connect us all to each other.”

Coghlan, who also co-hosted The Circle from 2010 and 2012, also finished third on The Masked Singer in 2019. She is yet to indicate future projects.

“Moving on is hard. It’s scary and takes a leap of faith, but it’s the only way I know what the universe has in store for me and for me to keep reaching new heights. So here goes! Here’s to the next chapter and whatever magic that brings xxx.”

The Project also posted, “Gorgi has been with us for more than a decade and we will miss her very much. You all know how loveable and warm she is on the desk and in real-life she is exactly the same. Every time she was on the show she would arrive in the office with her big laugh, a couple of songs and often some home-baked treats too.  Gorgi is a fantastic broadcaster, (we) will miss her both on and off-screen , we wish her the best of luck.”

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  1. Georgie has not been on The Project much at all since Lisa Wilkinson arrived, which is a shame. Much more prefer Georgie. And love it when she sings. What a voice! (a couple of times on the Project and the Masked Singer) She was great on the Circle years ago too. I will miss her. I might visit her restaurant in Ballarat one day!

    1. I agree such a pity I haven’t seen her on the Project so I thought she’d already left. I’ll miss that laugh of hers. And I’d love to know which restaurant in Ballarat is hers.

  2. She was fairly regular on a Friday night but hasn’t been on much lately I don’t think. She is/was my favourite host and seemed to have a great rapport with Waleed and obviously Pete.

  3. tbh since I don’t recall seeing her on there at all for about the last 3 months I’d kinda forgot about her. Not because she hasn’t been a good presenter but there is such a large amount of them that come and go on that show it’s hard to keep track. I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing though to have a revolving door of hosts, keeps things interesting. I wonder if they’d contemplate putting her on studio 10, she could be a good fit there, I feel like they could do with another female host to fill in when Sarah or Narelda aren’t there.

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