Hot Tip: Snackmasters for Nine

Professional chefs are set to replicate famous snacks in a new series for Nine.

EXCLUSIVE: TV Tonight understands Nine is planning a local version of UK series Snackmasters.

The format sees two professional chefs trying to replicate a famous snack to a panel of judges, comprising workers involved with the manufacture of the original.

During each episode, UK presenter Jayde Adams also visits the factory that manufactures each snack, comparing how accurately the chefs are recreating the process.

The show by UK producers Optomen Television was nominated for a BAFTA Award last year.

Three seasons have screened recreating KitKat, Burger King, Dominos, KFC and Snickers, which makes it a strong candidate for advertisers.

Ex-Goggleboxer Yvie Jones is understood to be attached to the project.

Nine has been contacted for comment.

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  1. This will appeal to the crowd that love Great British Bake Off etc. Those shows have been predicted to be boring and uncompetitive and become great hit shows for their producers. So, this could be good…or not. It will probably depend on the presenters.

  2. Watched the KitKat episode and really enjoyed it. The two chefs get really competitive forensically taking apart the product with their teams in their own restaurants whilst the host visits them to joke around at how much time and money they are investing. There is also a comedian who does the actual factory tour and they splice those bits in as the chefs in their own kitchens struggle with a particular component. I see it as MasterChef meets How Do The Do It?

  3. Another UK series which runs 3-4 hour long episodes season which will probably end up being weeks of 90 minute episodes. Can see it being reworked as a series long competition.

  4. Same (very kind of) premise as “Take on the takeaway”, where a chef tries to replicate and make cheaper and faster a take away meal.

    This show might be okay, if I could get the recipe for some much loved snacks, could be yummy.

        1. had forgotten all about that show, just goes to show how times have changed as i think something like that would be considered as being very anti trans/transphobic etc, and with good reason.

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