Industry remembers “fabulous” Jonathan Coleman

A cavalcade of stars across radio & TV flood social media with memories of an industry legend.

There has been an outpouring of emotion following the death of much-loved entertainer Jonathan Coleman on Friday.

Coleman lost his battle with cancer, aged 65, leaving behind a legacy of memories in radio and television. You can read a full Vale post here.

Many in the industry took to social media to express their sympathies and share memories of working with him, or admiring his achievements from afar.

Jono was a pleasure during my brief meetings he was always welcoming, fabulous fun and supportive. Jono was an avid reader of TV Tonight.

Simon Townsend told TV Tonight, “Yes, Jono was super important in my life. He was a fun friend. I admired the further career he made for himself. He was a dedicated family man. My name was on the show but Jono was the star.”

Ross Dagan, 10 Network Director of News Content, said: “Australian media has lost an irreplaceable character. A cheeky, passionate, super-charged friend, who would always brighten any day. We will miss his unpredictability, his sense of fun and most of all his genuineness. I know he would want us to be celebrating the highs and not the health lows of recent years, but it will be with deep sadness that he’s no longer able to share his sunshine.”

Tamara Simoneau, Executive Producer Studio 10, said: “Jono has been in the lives of Aussies for decades, from his earliest years as a baby-faced reporter on Wonder World! He went on to conquer the radio world in the UK and always had a funny story to share about his days there, knocking about with the rich and famous. He loved his fan encounters much more though and never refused a photo or passed up a chat. He LOVED a chat. He’d do anything for a laugh and his antics enlivened many a Studio 10 production meeting. He leaves us heartbroken but forever grateful for all the zany ‘Jono’ moments we shared with him, on screen and off.”

Here are further some supplied quotes and social media memories (many of which included photos):

Studio 10: The #Studio10 family is utterly heartbroken about the passing of our beloved Jono Coleman. We will pay tribute to him on Monday in the best way we know how. Our thoughts are with his family – wife Margot, and children Emily and Oscar – who he adored beyond all else.

MEAA: Very sad news that radio and TV presenter Jonathon Coleman has passed away at 65.
Jonathon was a #MEAAeqiuty member and his big personality will be missed.

BBC Radio London: We are so sad at the news that our former colleague Jono Coleman has died from cancer at the age of 65. Our thoughts are with Jono’s wife Margot and his children today.

Kerri-Anne Kennerly: So sad to have lost Jono. Always so bubbly, bright and making everyone laugh. Sending lots love to his beautiful wife Margot and the kids.

Angela Bishop: Vale beautiful Jono. I consider myself so lucky to have known this spectacular human, who could make you smile no matter what sort of day you were having. His career was incredible: from Wonder World, to the Jono and Dano days, to his 16 years blitzing it on radio in London, to WSFM in Sydney, to seven years of fun and games on @studio10au He had such a gift and he used it to make people happy. Jono lived life to the fullest, and gave back in spades, working hard for many charities. Sending all my love to his beautiful family Margot, Oscar and Emily – they were the centre of his universe. #RIPJonoColeman 💔

Jessica Rowe: Jono thank you for the joy & laughter you brought into our lives. I always laughed so much with you. Love to Margot, Oscar & Emily. #jonocoleman

Ian Rogerson: My dear mate and partner in crime has passed away. All my love to Margot, Emily and Oscar. We had a million laughs and I know whenever I think of him I will smile. We will raise a glass or 12 to him tonight. See you on the other side mate.

Tim Bailey: To my friend Jono – you were a walking grin factory. An enormous spirit that brightened us all. Bet you order the lobster up there tonight.

Peter Ford: Very shocked to hear of the death of Jono Coleman. Such a great career on TV and radio here and in the U.K. A very nice guy to boot. Never phoned it in no matter what he was doing. Condolences to his family.

Melissa Hoyer: Devastated to hear of the death of Jono Coleman – a g8 friend – a funny one at that, plus a man of wisdom, empathy & great love for his craft & family. There will be many sad people today. RIP #jonocoleman – Thinking of his wife Margot and their kids.

Sandra Sully: So very sad to read this! 😢😢 @jonocoleman #RIP xx

Adam Spencer: The first radio show I fell in love with was Jono and Danno on MMM in the early 80s. I was lucky enough to work with him on Studio 10. Wonderful, funny – a beautiful soul. Gone far too soon

Jonesy & Amanda: On behalf of Jonesy, Amanda and the @WSFM1017 family, family, thank you for always making us smile. We’ll never forget you. #RIP

Tony Martin: Shocking news. ‘Jono & Dano’ were the original hosts of our EONfm show in 1987. A big-hearted man with an ear for the ridiculous. RIP

Jim Wilson: Such a talent and very sad news, thoughts with loved ones #JonathanColeman 🙏

Beau Ryan: Terrible news hearing about the passing of Jono Coleman. My thoughts are with his family and friends right now. He was a very loving, happy and generous man. We could all take a leaf out of his book. Rest easy my friend.

Denise Scott: So very sad to hear of the passing of beloved @jonocoleman. It was an honour to get to work w him on @Studio10au. Always smiling, laughing and loving life. Love to Margot and children. And love to his @Studio10au workmates and audience who clearly adored him.

David Robinson: He was generous, never judgemental & of course, supremely funny! Genuinely an absolute legend of the industry &, I got to work with him, making me 1 of the luckiest people! I’m going to have 1 of his signature drinks, a white wine spritzer. RIP U beautiful man. ❤️ @jonocoleman

Robert McKnight: I am just so devastated to hear this news. I loved Jono through the laughs, tears and arguments. He was a TV legend and will be sorely missed. Goodbye my friend.

Richard Reid: Heaven better buckle-up cuz Jono’s at the pearly gates!I can’t remember a time when @jonocolemanofficial wasn’t buzzing in and out of studios, talking a mile a minute and keeping everyone in stitches. He never met a stranger because to him everybody was a friend. He was a ball of positivity and fabulous energy til the very end. Good luck on your new adventure, Jono! We will miss you, sweet man.

Sonia Kruger: Sending love to family & friends of @jonocoleman 💜His Wonder World stories made many smile and inspired some, including me, to follow a dream. RIP Jono

Prue MacSween: So sad to hear that the wonderful Jonathan Coleman has lost his cancer battle. Always smiling. Always kind. Always clever & professional. Thinking of Margot & family. RIP Johnno

Peter Overton: Jono Coleman… a man who made life so bright . A generosity of spirit second to none but most importantly a beautiful husband & dad. #jonathancoleman

David Campbell: Hearing about the passing of the wonderful @jonocoleman. A true Aussie star. Grew up with him on Wonder World. He was always generous and supportive of anyone in the industry.

Anita Jacoby: For those of you who remember Simon Townsend’s Wonder World @Channel10AU a long time before @Studio10au, @jonocoleman was a great colleague & friend. Saddened to hear of his passing way to young.

Melissa Doyle: Rest In Peace Jono. You will forever remain fabulous. ❤️

Charlie Pickering: Very sad to hear about the passing of Jono Coleman. He was a prominent fixture on the tv landscape of my childhood. Always fun. Always funny. Successful abroad, universally loved at home and always ready with another gag. May his memory be a blessing for his family. #JonoColeman

Richard Wilkins: Thanks for all the laughs Jono … big man , big career , big heart . Love and support to Margot and the family . RIP

Magda Szubanski: Ah no. I am so deeply sad to hear that Jono has died. What a terrible shame. Every time I saw him he was so damn warm and lovely and funny. My deepest condolences to his wife Margot, family and friends. RIP sweetheart 🙏

Jane Kennedy: One of the absolute best. Oh Jono how you will be missed by so many! Always generous, warm and funny … your energy and good spirits lit up the room every time you entered. You were always so supportive. Sending love & condolences to Margot, Oscar and Emily 💔#JonathonColeman

Adam Hills: RIP Jono Coleman. One of my early radio heroes, and one of the nicest people I ever met. I used to wake up to his voice back when radio alarm clocks were a thing. A ball of positive energy who scaled the heights of the industry in both the UK and Australia. “Awaywegonow…” x

Julia Zemiro: Jono Coleman. You beautiful man. I loved being your co-host for 2 years on radio.
You brought nothing but sunshine every day. So much love to Margot, Oscar & Emily, to your extended family and Jono’s friends. Especially @ian_rogerson. One of the best duos ever #Jono

Peter FitzSimons: Vale, Jono Coleman. The most eternally effervescent man I ever met.He could have bubbled happily for Australia, and effectively did. Condolences to the family.

Kathy Lette: RIP Jono Coleman – a lovley larrikin, whose appetite for life was as great as his passion for pies. Friends since our teens in Aussie TV land + neighbours in London (we called our street Vegemite Valley) he lit up our days with love + laughter. Sending love to Margot, Oscar + Em

Wendy Harmer: Ah, Jono. So sad you have left us … your kindness, good humour, loyalty and cleverness will be missed by so many of us.

Hugh Riminton: The only man who could upstage Brad Pitt.. Red heart

Joel Creasey: So heart broken to hear about beautiful Jono Coleman. Had the pleasure of working with him many times and doing ridiculous shit like this (don’t ask). You’d be hard pressed to find a lovelier guy. ❤️

Dan Ilic: Poor Jono Coleman! Lovley guy, always super generous with his joy to everyone in showbiz.

Dave Hughes: Jono was a legend. Will be greatly missed by many. #ValeJono

Adam Zwar: Oh no! In a world of hyper competitiveness and ego, Jono was a shining light of generosity and support. Thank you Jono for always being a smiling face no matter the situation.

Peter van Onselen: I didn’t know Jonathan Coleman well, but if he wasn’t the most up-vibe, positive person I’ve ever met I can’t think of another…condolences to his family.

Marc Fennell: I only met Jono a handful of times but what a big heart & great sense of humour. Gone far too soon. Much love to Oscar and the whole family.

Victoria Buchan: Jono has been a friend and man of enormous talent and integrity to me and my family for 35 + years. Kind and generous beyond words he always made you day/life better when you got to share time with him or watch or listen to him. We will miss him and our lives will be poorer without him.

Angela Catterns: This pic from 42 years ago. Jono was always an adorable human. In very short shorts.

Jordan Raskopoulos: A few years back I was on that Hole in the Wall show with Jono Coleman and
@adamrichard. It was only after we arrived at the studio that we found out our team was called the couch potatoes and were set to play against a number of professional sports stars.

Stephen K Amos: What a genuine, generous and funny man we have lost. A Titan in tv and radio, with an even bigger heart. Huge heartfelt condolences to you and your family.

Mark Humphries: Jono Coleman was a ball of positive energy and light, his enthusiasm was infectious and he was incredibly kind. I absolutely loved the guy. I’m so grateful to him for coming to play with us at @abc730. Here’s his performance from our ‘Not Today’ Show sketch. He was perfect.

Rhonda Burchmore: My big regret is that I never ever got to do that interview with your dad in the spa on @Studio10au …It was cancelled because the weather was so shit house. Stay strong dear Oscar – his legacy will live forever 💕🙏

Geoff Field: Right now I’m going to leave twitter and dedicate the day to Jonathon Coleman
We crossed paths many times in our careers, and while I was never a close friend, we always got on like a house on fire when we met #RIP Jono

Lisbeth Gorr: @OscarBColeman sending love and best wishes to you, your Mum & family- had such lovely times with Jono here with @Dano and at ❤️Radio in London- one of THE best

Gaven Morris: Hey @OscarBColeman .. I didn’t know your Dad but I loved his work, his wit and his humanity. What a laugh and a smile he shared with millions. Respect and love to the whole family. #ripjono

Dom Knight: So sorry to hear, Oscar. A true giant of our industry, hugely successful in multiple countries and media. I enjoyed interacting with him on here, too.

Brian Mcfadden: Such sad news to wake up to. A wonderful man is gone. May he Rest In Peace! #RIPjono

John Barron: So sad for you Oscar, I grew up watching your dad on Wonder World then listening to him on the radio. What a talent.

Russell Crowe: Hey Oscar, I’m really sorry to hear this news. Your dad was a lovely man. It must be an awful time for you right now. My deepest condolences.

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