iview adds news clips in 1080HD

Tech improvements on iview ahead of mandatory login.

ABC iview is now offering some clips in 1080p.

All ABC News Stories short clips published from 20 July are now available in HD 1080p quality.

ABC has also enabled HD 720p on news and current affair Live2Vod clips, including all state-based ABC News plus 7.30, Q+A, Insiders, Four Corners.

An ABC spokesman recently told TV Tonight, “We will continue to improve ABC iview in line with our budget and the needs and expectations of our audiences, while ensuring that our content remains accessible to all Australians, particularly those with limited internet connections.”

ABC has delayed its mandatory login for iview to ensure audiences understand the benefits they will receive and the ways personal information is protected.

Due to take effect from July, it will now be introduced by the end of the year.

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  1. The undisclosed info in this announcement is framerate. Nice that they are going 1080p, but are they going to do it at the proper framerate of 50P, rather than the paltry ‘half frame rate’ 25P that has been offered up until now? 25P is appalling.

  2. Why do they use 1080p instead of 1080i? All news content is shot in interlaced and generally all TX’s come out of Master in Interlaced not Progressive? That means they will have to re-encode interlaced to progressive…

    1. Streaming is always progressive isn’t it? As @Otts suggests, the bigger issue is the 25fps of streams instead of 50fps, though ABC isn’t alone guilty of this. 9Now’s streams of the tennis looked horrendous, and even Kayo which is a paid service, shows replays of certain sports like AFL and NRL, and panel shows in 25fps rather that 50fps. The higher frame rate is more important on sport’s content, which ABC News isn’t.

  3. I like going to iview to watch the 7pm news bulletins from other states, to see how they are produced and how they close off the bulletins because different states have different closers (the way they end the bulletin by playing the news theme music)

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