MasterChef finale down, but leads in entertainment.

824,000 watch MasterChef grand finale. Ms. Represented launches well for ABC. Seven wins Tuesday.

MasterChef Australia 824,000 rising to 931,000 for the moment Justin was announced as winner.

It led in entertainment and topped the demos for 10.

But those numbers are well down on 2020 finale at 1.26m / 1.52m when Emelia Jackson won and are the lowest grand final figures of any of season, excluding spin-offs.

Some of the audience was tempted last night by a Rugby: Wallabies v France game on 9GEM at 326,000 (nearly half of which were in Sydney) and led the multichannels.

Meanwhile Farmer Wants a Wife drew 632,000 then 7:30 (630,000),  Ms. Represented (583,000), Beauty & the Geek (577,000) and Who Do You Think You Are? at 271,000.

Later Cracking Covid was 336,000 then The Rookie (275,000 / 222,000) and The Weakest Link (253,000).

Seven network won Tuesday with 26.3%, then Nine 25.9%, 10 23.5%, ABC 15.6% and SBS 8.7%.

Seven News was #1 at 1.15m / 1.08m for Seven. Home & Away was 635,000 then The Chase 600,000 / 377,000.

Nine News (1.08m / 999,000) was best for Nine. A Current Affair won its slot at 779,000 then Hot Seat (527,000 / 320,000). A Kath & Kim special was 175,000.

The Project drew 503,000 / 328,000 for 10. 10 News First was 384,000 / 266,000. NCIS managed 230,000.

ABC News was 748,000 for ABC. The Drum (225,000) and Our Dawn (184,000) followed.

On SBS it was Tour de France (177,000 across the network) then SBS World News (169,000 / 138,000).

Sunrise: 265,000
Today: 237,000
News Breakfast: 130,000 / 186,000

OzTAM Overnights: Tuesday 13 July 2021

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  1. wow that is alot less eyes than on last years finale. ‘824,000 rising to 931,000 for the moment Justin was announced as winner.’ says quite a bit about why i think.

    Perhaps people are getting tired of a) having to commit more and more hours to watching a show that can have total airtime of around 10+ hours a week. (on the other hand its not much different for reality on the other channels so maybe other factors) b) boring anti climatic drawn out finales that have more ads/promos in them than content.

  2. Been watching The Weakest Link and enjoying it. I just feel the timeslot is too late. Yesterday’s episode had some good contestants. They got eight questions correct in a row and could have banked $100,000 in the final round!

  3. I sat through most of the Masterchef final episode and it was dreary beyond belief. So many commercials that it felt like the breaks would never end and the same ones repeated ad nauseum. After all the highlights, coming up and previously on segments there would have been less than 40 minutes of new content across the 140 minutes run time. That to me is slightly less than acceptable.

    1. I missed the finale but I’m guessing the many Ch10 promos of Survivor: BvsB and The Bachelor would have been packed in there (best opportunity for your own plugs).

      If you watch tenplay or The Big Bang Theory reruns on 10 Peach – just about every second ad is a promo for each show.

  4. There’s often a spike in ratings for finales in which a winner is announced. It is also seen in the ratings data when the programming segments are split. The point is that a lot of people who have no interest in the show will tune in at the last minute to find out the outcome to not be left behind in discussions the next day. In this case, over 100,000 viewers were recorded as tuning in at the last minute and had no interest in the actual cooking competition and preparations throughout the episode.

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