Offsiders: Aug 1

Kelli Underwood and ABC panel look at all the Olympic action.

Sunday’s Offsiders looks at Olympic action from Tokyo.

Australia wins 7 Gold medals in the first 6 days of the Tokyo Games.

Kelli Underwood and the panel look at all the Olympic action, following the on field highlights and off field issues including Simone Biles’ withdrawal.

10am Sunday on ABC.

2 Responses

  1. It’s not about TV I know but what a shame that the ABC had been completely cut out of Olympic radio broadcasting, numbers of workers probably would have been listening and the ABC generally did a much better job commentating these big sporting events.

  2. Full of photo stills no doubt, it’s been tough getting Olympics news with vision and commentary (which let’s be honest is what we all want) to programs outside the nightly bulletins (as that’s where other networks are savouring their allowed minutes) because of the IOC’s insane rules.

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