One Plus One: July 26

Guest: Mitch Tambo.

Guest on the final One Plus One with Courtney Act is First Nations singer Mitch Tambo.

Tambo has loved music since he was a child. He tells Courtney Act about sharing his language with the world, and they compare notes on their time as reality TV stars.

Courtney Act told TV Tonight, “Mitch was probably the most interesting one, because we didn’t have any prior relationship. I walked into the room and maybe there was 10 minutes, as the cameras were being adjusted.

“I wasn’t aware of what Mitch knew about me but the others knew me on some level so there was that element of trust or rapport. Whereas Mitch, is a performer and entertainer, but I did want to talk about First Nations issues, truth-telling and things that were very personal and sensitive. Getting to develop that rapport in 10 minutes is something that’s really important.

“By the end of the day he messaged me on Instagram, to say he’d had a lovely time.”

8pm tonight on ABC.

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