Oops. Australia’s Sexist Tradie?

New comedy created, written and directed by Rick Donald (with a wayward typo).

7mate has a new comedy coming, Australia’s Sexiest Tradie which is created, written and directed by Rick Donald.

But Seven’s press release inadvertently notes it as Australia’s “Sexist” Tradie too.

Also featuring Peter Phelps, an airdate is yet to be announced.

Tools don’t belong on the catwalk, until now.

The riotous mockumentary coming soon to 7mate, Australia’s Sexist Tradie, tells the heartwarming tale of a neglected son willing to stand naked in front of the entire country to earn the love of his dad.

When local radio station, Heat FM, has seven days to find ‘Australia’s Sexiest Tradie’, Bogan plumber Frankie Wood (Rick Donald) will go to any length to win and make his heartless father proud.

As a finalist, Frankie finally has his moment in the spotlight with a documentary crew following his every move.

But as the days pass, Frankie’s portrayal of his perfect life starts to show cracks.

Will Frankie be crowned ‘Australia’s Sexiest Tradie’? Or will his desperate attempt to impress his father backfire and turn him into the joke of a nation?

Australia’s Sexist Tradie is a television series created, written and directed by Rick Donald.

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  1. Channel 7 make a spelling mistake? Never.

    Even on Sunday night during their COVID-19 special report, in their opening graphics they couldn’t even spell Singapore.

    Having experienced the channel 7 sign off process which involves an inverted pyramid of management and all their mates, its amazing these things keep happening.

    Not to mention the disgrace that was last week’s news headline for the England Euro football match.

    Spellchecker anyone?

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