Oops. “F-bomb” after Gold glory.

A priceless and very Aussie reaction from Olympian Kaylee McKeown.

Australia’s Kaylee McKeown has won our first ever gold in the women’s 100m backstroke.

And her excitement could not be contained. Who can blame her?

After the race she was asked “It’s been such a difficult time for your whole family. What would you like to say to your mum and your sister?”

“F*** yeah!” she exclaimed, before realising what she had said.

In a second attempt she added, “I hope you’re proud and I keep doing you proud.”

Congrats Kaylee.


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  1. Such an amazing moment, i just get chills and overcome with pride when you see any Aussie get what they have worked so hard for. Also, I’m loving watching what I think they called ‘pods’, with the family and friends in Qld all together. Such nice stuff

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