Oops. SBS instagram hacked

Vikings fan briefly had control of SBS social account.

“Hi everyone – we’re aware the SBS News Instagram has been hacked and are working to rectify asap,” SBS was forced to tell its followers after things went a little haywire yesterday.

The hacker posted a fancam of what appeared to be the character Ragnar Lodbrok from Vikings, played by Aussie actor Travis Fimmel.

The person behind the prank also shared the video to the @sbsnews_au Instagram story and told everyone to comment on it. The Instagram account’s profile picture was changed to a hooded person in a mask as well.

Pedestrian TV reports after around 2 hours SBS News then regained control of its Insta account and managed to wipe evidence of the hack.

Maybe they have moved on from the Nine hacking and are working their way around the dial.

Or they just really, really want more of Travis back…

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