Returning: Darkness: Those Who Kill

Danish crime drama returns this week.

Season 2 of Danish crime drama Darkness: Those Who Kill screens this week at SBS on Demand.

Darkness: Those Who Kill is a captivating psychological crime drama that sees leading criminal profiler Louise Bergstein delve into the dark desires and psychology of the potential suspects surrounding a murder case. The series follows the acclaimed first season of Darkness: Those Who Kill, perfectly combining a tense thriller with a gripping human drama, this time delving into the psychological and behavioural patterns behind a serial killer. When Louise embarks on a new murder case, she quickly uncovers a distinct pattern in the unsolved murders of three young men, killed within a few months of each other. We soon discover that she has a blind spot clouding her judgement and analysis of the case – Louise may have a personal connection to the killer, who is more intelligent than she had dared to imagine. She desperately wants to solve the case before the next brutal killing, but could she herself be in the killer’s sights.

Thursday July 29 at SBS on Demand.

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