Returning: Midsomer Murders

Three new episodes of UK whodunnit coming to ABC in July.

Season 22 of Midsomer Murders is coming to Friday nights on ABC.

Neil Dudgeon returns as DCI John Barnaby with Nick Hendrix as DS Jamie Winter and Fiona Dolman as Sarah Barnaby.

There were two new episodes made for S22 but ABC will screen three first-run episodes.

Episode 1:
There is a full moon over Little Worthy this Halloween and the area is buzzing with activity following the chance popularity of Little Worthy’s very own meme. The Hub, an internet café run by the maternal Mel (Sinead Matthews), recently ran a competition to create a modern urban myth which was won by struggling photographer Steve (Matt McCooey), with his creation of the Wolf Hunter.

Unexpectedly, the Wolf Huntergained a cult following, becoming a viral meme, with people coming from miles around to explore Little Worthy woods in the hope of catching a glimpse of the beast. The Hub, set up as an oasis of internet connectivity, a nest to bring people together – old and young, saw customers flock to visit their Wolf Hunter exhibition, while the hunky handyman Jez (Kojo Attah) has been able to make himself a sideline forging Wolf Hunter replicas.

However, not everyone is enjoying the attention that the Wolf Hunter has brought to the area. The gossiping traditional landlady, Annie (Louise Jameson), blames The Hub for her downturn in business. While the husband-and-wife team, the Yarrows, have recently founded Worthy Glamping, an all-singing, all-dancing glampsite with its state-of-the-art eco-lodges, on the edge of the Little Worthy woods and do not want people terrified to step foot in their tranquil woods.

Friday 16 July at 8.30pm on ABC

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  1. Good news, looking forward to my favourite UK show coming back once more, no matter how inferior it may be compared to its glory days nor how many years ago it should’ve ended.

    However, surely Saturday nights would’ve been a better option (away from AFL and NRL on both Seven and Nine and traditionally a less competitive and strong night for the ABC – and also one of late which they could do with a good lift!)

  2. Not sure how these UK shows can say they have a ‘new season’ with only a small handful of episodes even if they are 90 minutes long. Vera has 4 new episodes and Midsommer only 3.

      1. Vera has only ever had 4 per season according to her season listings. Midsommer usually does 6-8 i think, but yes, the pandemic would play a part. Looking forward to any on offer repeat or new.

    1. Acorn commissioned 6 episodes for S22. Only two were filmed by the end of 2020 and they aired on Acorn and ITV in April. The remaining 4 were listed for later in 2021. If the ABC has three episodes then they must have finished another one. ITV has been a bit irregular in broadcasting episodes, sometimes they have streamed, or let Acorn the or ABC show them,before they aired on ITV.

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