SBS on Demand: King Of Warsaw, UFOs.

New Polish and French titles are at SBS on Demand.

Two new dramas join Season Two of Darkness: Those Who Kill today at SBS on Demand.

They are Polish crime drama King Of Warsaw and French sci-fi dramedy on UFOs.

King Of Warsaw
All eight episodes available to stream. In Polish with English subtitles.

The story is set in 1937 Warsaw. The Jewish mafia rules the city before the outbreak of WWII under the leadership of Buddy Kaplica (Arkadiusz Jakubik), a Polish gangster socialist. His right-hand man is a Jewish boxer, Jakub Szapiro (Michal Zurawski), who deep down dreams about taking over Buddy’s position and becoming the King of Warsaw.
One day, he takes Moyshe Bernsztajn (Kacper Olszewski) under his care, a young boy in whom he sees his successor. Meanwhile, the political conspiracy at the highest levels of government can alter the face of Warsaw and the entire country, impacting Buddy’s gangster empire and Szapiro’s future as well. Torn between loyalty to his boss and a chance to fulfil his own ambitions, Jakub will face tragic choices and will be absorbed by the relentless world of sex and violence.

All twelve episodes available to stream. In French with English subtitles.

1978. The dreams of Didier Mathure (Melvil Poupaud), a brilliant space engineer, literally go up in smoke when his rocket explodes on take-off. Just when he thinks he’s hit rock bottom, he’s transferred to head a unit specialising in UFOs, run by a team whose members do seem to be living on another planet.
He is tasked with coming up with scientific explanations for the UFO sightings that are currently dominating the headlines. This is a nightmare job for an out and out rationalist like him, and he is determined to find a way out as soon as he can. But an extraordinary event unsettles his convictions and opens the doors to a world where anything is possible.

Both from Thursday, 29 July on SBS On Demand.


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  1. I find Polish productions to be relentlessly dark sometimes, plus the constant smoking by actors is a turn off for me but I guess it follows a cultural timeline during dour or historically unpleasant times, the Poles certainly know how to create really nasty characters very well. Curiously the Russians who have a similar history seem to include a bit more joie de vivre in their productions even writing in some political satire to mock their ongoing sociopolitical situations.
    I will be watching UFO’s the French do know how to make satire so the two subjects should go well together.

    1. Update: I have been watching UFO’s and it became an immediate binge watch for me with 30 minute episodes, I doubt any other country could write this series with the same awkward introspection that the French do, wonderful stuff. Even the French techno soundtrack music from Thylacine works well.

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