Seinfeld set, Lego-style.

An Aussie is behind Lego's new Seinfeld mini-set.

Following on from a Lego miniset of Friends this week the company confirmed Seinfeld would be available with figurines of Jerry, George, Kramer, Elaine and Newman.

The set features Jerry’s New York apartment, complete with appropriately bricky ’90s phone and a front door that can swing open every time Kramer charges in. It looks like plenty of cereals in the kitchen too.

There’s also a buildable stage where Jerry can perform his standup routines. Is there a nearby diner too?

The Seinfeld set got its start on the Lego Ideas site, where anyone can submit concepts, but 10,000 people have to vote for an idea before Lego considers making it into a set.

The set was designed by Lego fan Brent Waller, from Brisbane.

“I loved Seinfeld in the ’90s and recently re-watched them all. I thought it was a travesty that a Lego Seinfeld set didn’t exist so I made an effort to resolve that and make the best rendition of Jerry’s apartment and the gang that I could,” Waller said in a statement.

And yes, there’s even a Festivus pole for celebrating the Dec. 23 faux holiday made famous by the show.

“I got a lot of problems with you people!”

Source: CNet

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  1. The set lego.com/en-au/product/seinfeld-21328 has 1,326 pieces. The PDF instructions are not online yet so I can’t tell you how many pages they are and your wallet / purse will be $130 less.

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