SKY News apologises to Sarah Hanson-Young

Defamatory attack costs broadcaster $40,000, legal fees and an apology.

SKY News has apologised to Senator Sarah Hanson-Young and paid $40,000 and legal costs after broadcasting a defamatory attack.

The claim made by Tasmanian Senator Jonathon Duniam was broadcast in April.

“To use my family, including my 7-year-old niece to launch a political attack is gutter politics. To broadcast false lies about my family is gutter journalism,” Senator Hanson-Young said.

“These claims were utterly false, and have caused ongoing harm and stress to my family.

“It was a brazen, lazy attempt at a political hit job. It was a lie and it should never have gone to air.

“I was never given an opportunity by SKY News to comment on the entirely false allegations before they were published.

“Senator Duniam has since apologised and I am pleased that SKY News has now too.”

Monies will be donated to the Australian Youth Climate Coalition.

A published apology from SKY News reads:

“An interview with Senator Duniam broadcast on 20 April 2021 concerned anti-logging protests in Gippsland, Victoria and in Tasmania. During the interview, Senator Duniam made claims about Senator Hanson-Young which he now accepts were false and defamatory. Senator Duniam has withdrawn those claims unconditionally and apologised to Senator Hanson-Young for making them. SKY News also apologises to Senator Hanson-Young and her family for broadcasting the claims and unreservedly withdraws those claims.”

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