State of Emergency hangs over Olympics

A decision on crowds attending the Games is expected later today.

The Tokyo Olympics look set to be held under a State of Emergency with the Japanese government planning to declare its fourth since the pandemic began.

It could mean no crowds at Olympic events or just VIPs for Opening and Closing ceremonies.

Officials in Tokyo confirmed 920 new infections on Wednesday, the highest figure since mid-May.

Daily new cases have now gone up week-on-week for 18 straight days. 62 COVID patients in the capital are in serious condition.

Broadcaster NHK reports the government conveyed the plan to the ruling parties after Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide discussed the matter with relevant Cabinet members, including Economic Revitalization Minister Nishimura Yasutoshi and Health Minister Tamura Norihisa, on Wednesday evening.

Coronavirus cases are surging again in Tokyo and some prefectures, just as focused anti-virus measures for the capital were originally scheduled to end on Sunday.

The Japanese government intends to have the state of emergency in Tokyo and Okinawa through to August 22 (the Games run July 23 – August 9 with the Paralympics from August 24).

The government will officially decide on the plans after listening to opinions of a panel on infectious disease and other experts later today.

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  1. If they were listening to the experts, they wouldn’t be holding the Olympics at all. Poor Tokyo sounds like it’s being held hostage by the IOC to run the games against all odds. What pandemic?

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