The Block heading to Byron Bay?

Nine reality show could be headed north for 2022.

The Block could be heading to Byron Bay for 2022.

The Echo reports an elderly resident was asked to sell her property in the middle of five homes that are pegged for the show, but has refused.

Dorothy May, 74, told the newspaper while nothing is yet signed, sales have been verbally agreed to.

“All are under negotiation with offers of $500,000 over market value,” she said.

“I was told there was a distinct possibility for these new homes being built as two storey.

The report suggests demolition would start in February, filming from April to September with an auction possibly in October.

Relocating the series from Melbourne would not done lightly given where the show’s sizeable production team is based, but would be a welcome change on screen and could potentially offset any further lockdown restrictions. Co-host Shelley Craft is also based in Byron Bay, where she flips houses with her husband Christian.

Executive Producer Julian Cress last week told TV Tonight, “I am hunting down the next property but I can’t tell you where. But I will, when I do.”

Byron Bay is proving to become a regional hub with recent productions Nine Perfect Strangers, Byron Baes and a new Byron Studios.

A rumour on the new location was first tipped by the Sydney Morning Herald.

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  1. Imagine if she continues to hold out and they go ahead with (a 20% smaller) production anyway? What a circus she would have to deal with for 9 months.

    The temptation to sell in those circumstances would be pretty strong. Poor Lady.

    1. There is a house in the upcoming season in Hampton which chose not to sell and literally has Block renos on both sides. There’s one on the opposite side of the court too. Producers are nimble and can usually find a way forward.

      1. There were two properties in Bronte Court that had a Block house either side, one was a house, and the other a block of 3 townhouses. There was also 2 other houses, one not part of the show and the other was rented by the producers for crew, production suite and the McCafe. I live very close to Bronte Court, and yes it was a circus. The peace and quiet now is heavenly!

  2. Or show some empathy for her and her generation where the Home means more than money and do a one hour special where The Block producers use their resources and work with her to renovate her house, for free and to her wishes and in a way that enables her to stay on as long as she wants.
    What do you say Julian?

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