TVT Vault: MasterChef-interruptus angers viewers

Back in 2011 the MasterChef finale was split in 2, with another show sandwiched in the middle.

While MasterChef‘s grand finale is split across two nights this year, a decade ago it was also split into 2 parts …on the same night with another show in the middle.

10 brazenly launched a flashy new property show The Renovators after two courses of its MasterChef grand final, forcing viewers to return later for the third course and results. It certainly didn’t go down well.

Here’s how TV Tonight reported it in 2011:

TEN’s split-programming of the MasterChef finale, with The Renovators sandwiched in between, angered many viewers last night.

TEN screened The Renovators at 7:30pm after the first two challenges of the MasterChef cook-off. Viewers were forced to return at 8:30pm for the third challenge and final scores.

The winner wasn’t announced until around 9:45pm AEST -too late for many kids who are fans of the show.

Last night both TV Tonight readers and Twitter accounts were directing their fury at TEN, with many indicating they would refuse to watch The Renovators in protest. It may well go down as one of the clumsiest Programming moves of the year.

The bizarre plot, designed to capitalise on TEN’s finale audience, follows previous criticism that TEN has programmed the new series too soon, expecting viewers to sit through too much reality content.

The Shine Australia series has cost millions but TEN might have endeared more viewers to the show with a more considered programming plan.

The interrupted finale for MasterChef will also leave a sour taste in viewers’ mouths on the back of a season that has already attracted considerable criticism. It was the last in a string of disappointments for viewers.

Last night both “Channel 10” and “Channel Ten” were trending on Twitter, but it wasn’t over who was the best cook:

Many friends cranky with Ch10’s decision to split #Masterchef finale with #TheRenovators.

We are now getting angry calls on Radio 2GB about the Channel 10 #Masterchef programming decision – people are angry

mass exodus from tv when The Block started on Ch10. #masterchef #michaelFTW

Don’t get caught by the pathetic Network Ten #masterchef ploy to make you watch The Renovators. Grand Designs on ABC 1 now.

This break in Masterchef transmission is treating the fans with contempt. #masterchef

Great story on 60 minutes #masterchef well not masterchef – am watching anything but CH10 until 8:30

I am glad ch10 split #masterchef I have discovered so many interesting shows on other channels

Dear Channel Ten, thanks for time to cook and eat dinner in between #masterchef finale sessions.

Well we’ve switched off the telly between #masterchef finales and having a family chat. Now we’ve got something to thank Channel Ten for!

This #masterchef finale is so long you could fly to the Noma restaurant in Copenhagen, have a meal and return before it’s over.

Channel Ten, do we really need a flashback? I remember what happened an hour ago… #MasterChef

Originally published August 8th 2011

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