Wait…. Manifest talks resume

It may not all be over for Flight 828, it seems.

It may not be all over for Manifest just yet.

US reports suggest producers were instructed not to toss out the show’s set just yet.

A month after the drama was axed by NBC after and Netflix opted not to pick it up, NBC is in now in conversations with studio Warner Bros TV.

Netflix also has reportedly resumed talks with Warner Bros TV about a fourth season given the show has held in their daily top 10 for more than a month and topped the Nielsen streaming ratings in its first week of release on the platform.

But there are are complicating factors with international distribution. Netflix typically wants global rights for its originals, and Warner Bros TV already has sold Manifest internationally market by market.

Meanwhile the fan campaigns to #SaveManifest have been in full swing while showrunner Jeff Rake said, “All I can report from Hollywood is that the incredible support and enthusiasm for the show has been noticed and has resulted in some conversations. I know that NBC is aware of the interest. I know they’ve taken notice. Obviously, Netflix is aware. They’ve taken notice. And other people have taken notice. We have taken several calls discussing financing assistance. These are companies that produce television and movies and music, and they’ve reached out to us and sat down with us and had a serious conversation about figuring out how we could keep the show going.

“I can’t speak to it any more specifically than that. Other than I know it is being noticed. I know conversations are happening. Whether or not that will result in the tangible result I’m hoping for – additional episodes, a finale movie – time will tell.”

In Australia the show airs on Nine.

Source: Showbiz411, Deadline, AllYourScreens

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  1. This is great news. I had read on one of the US forums that the showrunners had this to pan out over 6 seasons. Hopefully they will at least do a movie to tie everything up.

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