10 shows in the can, juggling production for 2022.

Beverley McGarvey says networks have had to become seriously adept, but I'm A Celebrity is back in January.

As COVID-restrictions continue to impact in Sydney & Melbourne in particular, networks have had to become adept at navigating production timelines.

10 has most of its remaining 2021 productions in the can and is looking to projects coming in 2022.

ViacomCBS in Australia EVP and Chief Content Officer, Beverley McGarvey recently told TV Tonight, “Honestly, I think we’re all pretty good at doing what we need to do now, and making sure that we’re pretty well ahead of ourselves and that we have very COVID-safe protocols.

“It’s not easy and I think every network and production company in Australia would tell you that. We’re all shuffling… you go here and a border closes and then you go there.. but honestly, we’ve been doing this now since last March. It’s August so we’ve got a year and a bit experience at juggling. So we are juggling, but we will not miss at this point. There will not be any material changes to our schedule.

“We were lucky enough that we finished Masked Singer, Making It is in the can, Bachelorette‘s just about finished, Bachelor was finished, Survivor was in the can. Honestly, we went in that window where everything was working relatively normally, so we shot a lot of stuff. I think everybody did. When you get that window, you’ve got to go hard in case something happens, because you never know what’s around the corner.”

Celebrity MasterChef, due later this year has also filmed in Melbourne. Where does that leave Pilot Week?

“Pilot Week will definitely happen. The question is what will the timing be? But it will definitely happen.”

McGarvey also confirmed I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here for January, to be shot in Australia. Filming is hoping to get underway soon in northern NSW.

“We are honestly just still dotting our I’s and crossing our T’s. Celebrity will definitely be back next year on air in January, as it always is. But exactly the logistics of that we are not 100% confirmed on yet,” she revealed.

Lastly, how does McGarvey see the current crisis impacting on Upfronts and Logies in November?

“I think will probably be heading towards a virtual Upfront because they tend to be September, October.

Logies are planned for November so that gives them a bit more time. I’m sure they’re looking at it at the minute,” she suggested.

“I think everybody wants to do the right thing and I’m sure they have a B plan. We certainly have B plans for anything that we’re doing.”

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  1. So glad we are getting I’m a celebrity still but can’t understand why it can’t be back to live especially considering January is further along and still will be done in Australia ?

    1. I agree and wish it went back to being Live, but I think with the pandemic still in full swing it’s a safer option to pre-record. Imagine if there was a positive case at one of the challenges bases/”treehouse”/camp site which would interrupt production, and then they couldn’t get the show to air.

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