7:30: Why Women are Angry

Next week Leigh Sales explores why women are fed up about various inequalities still faced on a daily basis.

Ahead of the National Summit on Women’s Safety, next week Leigh Sales presents “Why Women are Angry”, a 4 part story across 7:30 episodes.

Gender equality has come a long way and women now have so many rights that first wave feminists fought for. But just because there’s been progress, it doesn’t mean the fight is over – far from it.

Unexpectedly this year, so-called “women’s issues” suddenly roared to the centre of Australian politics, triggered in large part by the case of a young Liberal staffer, Brittany Higgins. Her story lit a spark among Australian women.

In this four-part series presented by Leigh Sales, ahead of the National Summit on Women’s Safety, we explore why women are fed up about various inequalities still faced on a daily basis, including issues that are magnified for those who are already marginalised.

The series features Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins, founder and Director of the Equality Institute Dr Emma Fulu, President of Chief Executive Women Sam Mostyn, Chair of Diversity Council Australia Ming Long, Human Rights Lawyer Dr Hannah McGlade, Political Journalist and author of The Wife Drought Annabel Crabb, CEO of Supply Nation Laura Berry, Queensland Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll, as well as former David Jones employee Kristy Fraser-Kirk whose sexual harassment case ten years ago had a seismic impact on corporate Australia.

Monday 30 August – Economic Insecurity
From the start of their working lives until their retirement, women have less money than men. Tonight, we explore the cumulative effect of the widening pay gap, the super gap, the cost of childcare, a lack of flexible part-time work and the impact of COVID.

Tuesday 31 August – Unpaid Labour
Tonight we look at the disproportionate amount of unpaid labour done by women – from housework and domestic chores, to caring for children, caring for elderly parents, and the mental load of organising all of that.

Wednesday 1 September – Women in the Workplace
In this episode we explore workplace sexual harassment and how endemic it’s been. In an exclusive TV interview, Leigh speaks to Kristy Fraser-Kirk about her case in which she sued the former CEO of David Jones, the company and nine directors, a landmark case well before the ‘Me Too’ movement.

Thursday 2 September – Domestic Violence
Ahead of the National Summit on Women’s safety on September 6 & 7, we explore how seriously endemic domestic violence remains.

7:30pm Monday – Thursday on ABC.

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    1. I don’t view it as being told I am a victim. It is just the realities of the life I live and I prefer it highlighted than ignored, at least maybe something will change. It is more mentally draining when you are forced to keep it all inside otherwise you’re a whinger or not working hard enough.

  1. That’s a long list of very privileged, high income women talking about these subjects. That programme blurb makes it look like women are a monolith, all with the same experiences and opinions. Are these shows to take up the full half hour – would think they’d need at least that to thoroughly explore the issues.

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