A Wentworth book….

New book will reveal untold stories and secrets from inside Wentworth.

Fremantle and Harper Collins will publish a book, Wentworth: The Final Sentence: On File.

The book by Erin McWhirter will feature exclusive untold stories and secrets from Wentworth.

It will be released on October 13 ahead of the very final episode airing on Tuesday October 26.

Over almost a decade of searing emotional storylines and spectacular power struggles like the rise of the Top Dog or horrifying twists like a steam press attack, Wentworth has sealed its spot in history as Foxtel’s highest rating and most successful locally produced original drama and one of Australia’s all-time favourites.

To celebrate this gritty, critically acclaimed series, On File brings you never-before told stories and in-depth access to the celebrated actors and producers of this favourite, much-loved and enduring television series.

This official, exclusive collection dives deep into the core of Wentworth’s love ’em or hate ’em main characters – from abused housewife and mother Bea Smith, and the cold, calculating and terrifying Joan ‘The Freak’ Ferguson, to bitterly forsaken undercover cop turned prisoner Rita Conners – unearthing funny and poignant reflections, never released backstories and behind-the-scenes revelations from when the cameras stopped rolling, as told by the high-profile stars.

Wentworth has left an indelible mark on its fans in Australia and those around the world, where it has screened in more than 170 territories and been adapted multiple times, setting it apart from other Australian dramas and earning an impressive catalogue of awards and nominations.

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