Airdate: David Attenborough’s Global Adventure

ABC doco highlights some of the astonishing locations Sir David has visited, and the creatures he encountered.

Documentary David Attenborough’s Global Adventure will screen on ABC Sundays.

The legendary naturalist revisits some of his favourite locations, filmed over a 7 year period.

This looks to be a single film which will screen in 2 parts.

When Sir David Attenborough was in his mid-eighties, many thought he had retired from his exploration of the natural world. Instead, over the next 7 years he embarked on a new era of natural history filmmaking. Revisiting some of the most iconic locations on the planet he delved deeper into the secrets of nature using innovative filming techniques and advanced technologies to share fresh insights into the wonders of the natural world. David Attenborough’s Global Adventure shares some of the most memorable stories from that incredible period.

From collecting undiscovered species from the depths of the Great Barrier Reef using a state-of-the-art submarine to exploring the highest trees in the ancient rainforests of Borneo in a quest to find out how animals colonized the air, David Attenborough’s Global Adventure highlights some of the astonishing locations he visited, and the fascinating creatures he has encountered along the way.

From the highly adapted marine iguanas and giant tortoises of the Galapagos Islands to ingenious King Penguins on the sub-Antarctic Island of South Georgia, and from the fastest bird on earth hunting above the historic rooftops of Rome to the legendary Dodo seeking a mate inside the walls of London’s Natural History Museum, Attenborough shares the stories of some of the most awe-inspiring animals on the planet.

Following his travels across the globe and through time the film captures the action as never seen before, using spectacular footage and breath-taking CGI drawn from multiple BAFTA and Emmy-winning documentaries.

Production credits: Executive Producer, Siobhan Mulholland. Producer, Anthony Geffen. Director, Dina Mufti.

7:40pm Sunday August 29 on ABC.

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