“Biggest cheating scandal in Australian TV history”

“I have never seen anything like this in any of the TV shows I have worked on," says Scott Cam.

The Block is teasing “the biggest cheating scandal in Australian TV history.”

That’s some claim…

According to the vision in the end of this promo, someone appears to have taken a snapshot of the production whiteboard with all of the producers’ plans. Sneaky.

A Nine press release notes, “This Sunday at 7 o’Block on Channel 9, The Block Fans v Faves will be rocked by claims of cheating and dishonesty that sends the cul-de-sac into meltdown and gives those involved a huge leg-up in a competition where more than $100,000 is at stake.

“Good neighbours certainly won’t become good friends in this classic “whodunit” tale – all couples and tradespeople on site are under suspicion and there’ll be tears, tantrums, tell-alls, and even a comparison or two to the sensational antics on Married at First Sight.”

Host Scott Cam says, “I have never seen anything like this in any of the TV shows I have worked on over the years. We had to have some serious production meetings to establish a way to move forward.

“I was utterly shocked, disappointed and extremely annoyed – this scandal made it very unfair for everyone. It also affected something I love very much, and that is the build of The Block.

“There is certainly a lot of tension, a lot of finger pointing and a lot of denial going on.”

The scandal will play out across Basement week which starts 7pm Sunday on Nine.

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  1. Wow. There are heaps of pitchforks and flares in here. But I’m going to risk being skewered and say yeah/nah, I like The Block. And, whilst the ratings may have been a bit low this season, I reckon next week’s ‘scandal’ will boost the numbers back to their usual happy place.

    The Block is an Australian format and a massive success story, why not be proud of that? What’s more, it employs an army of us ‘fruit pickers’, and it is a really well run production.

    We need more like it.

  2. Didn’t people break into the production office in the Glasshouse series? I feel this has happened before, so big deal

    Also, that promo has a classic promo no no. The VO says Biggest cheating scandal in Australian TV history, and then about 10 second later a contestant says the exact same thing, pretty much word for word. Come on channel 9, that’s a rookie mistake!

  3. For a second when I read the headline I thought The People’s Champion was in more hot water after trousering all that Federal Government money in an ill judged campaign to support apprenticeships… I wonder what the wash up to that was ? I bet we will never know …

  4. I thought the ad for last weeks block first… largest window installed on the block was amusing, what could they do next if this week is the biggest cheating scandal next, where to go now….

  5. Oh dear lol screams of desperation! Its good that the public are waking up now and the ratings have dived. Its very MKR. You keep dishing up the same long winded garbage and people will finally feel fatigue. Wonder if this will dive into the 500ks 9 must be unhappy surely!

  6. I don’t watch any of these shows, but this strikes me exactly like those last few seasons of My Kitchen Rules, that once they viewers wavered, it was all about scandals and enemies and fights. Sounds like the hammer is going down on the Block this year.

        1. Not doubting that David, but the idea that you would call in trades , plumbers, sparkies, plasterers, and finishing trades such as tilers, painters, carpet etc. per room is insulting to anyone with a modicum of building knowledge.

  7. Must be bigger than the one last year, and the year before that, and the year before that … Ch9 must just have that promo line added by default along with ‘All of Australia will … ‘ in every ad they run.

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