Gordon Ramsay in mega-deal with FOX Entertainment

FOX Entertainment to own Studio Ramsay Global in a deal worth nine figures.

Gordon Ramsay has signed a mega-deal with FOX Entertainment to form a new joint venture, Studio Ramsay Global, in deal said to be worth nine figures.

FOX Entertainment will co-own Studio Ramsay Global with Ramsay, whose current TV company, Studio Ramsay, will be fully acquired by the new entity.

Under the new deal, Studio Ramsay Global will develop, produce and distribute culinary and lifestyle programming for FOX, Tubi and other outlets worldwide. The company will be positioned as both FOX’s and Ramsay’s flagship entity collecting their brands, intellectual property rights and resources in the global cooking and lifestyle program space.

“Gordon Ramsay is the definition of partner and friend,” FOX Entertainment CEO Charlie Collier said in a statement. “He’s also the genius behind a global brand that represents integrity and excellence in food, lifestyle and so much more. FOX Entertainment is honored to build upon its long-term relationship with Gordon as, together, we introduce Studio Ramsay Global. Gordon has been an important part of the FOX experience for years, bringing an energy, entrepreneurial spirit and attitude that fits beautifully at FOX. Though you never left, Gordon, welcome back you (brilliant) donut!”

Source: Variety

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