How to watch Wentworth on Binge

There is still one way to view the final season legally.

Wentworth may not be available on demand on Binge but there is still one way to view it legally.

Foxtel prefers to keep a handful of ‘brand’ titles to itself -such as Wentworth and Selling Houses Australia– but there are a bunch of Live channels available, even though this isn’t heavily promoted.

FOX Showcase is one of those, meaning Binge subscribers can legally catch the episode at 8:30pm AEST today as it plays out.

S8 E11 will be replayed at the following AEST times:

11:30pm Tuesday
9:30pm Wednesday
12:20am Thursday
5pm Thursday
11pm Thursday
9am Friday
7:30pm Friday
10am Saturday
6:30pm  Saturday
11:35pm Saturday
7:30pm Sunday
10am Monday
2pm Monday
7:30pm Tuesday

You’re welcome!

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  1. How interesting!

    Well, Wentworth is the final reason I am hanging on the expensive and outdated IQ/Foxtel box model. I’ll make do with Binge and Kayo. Selling Houses Australia is great but not worth that cost with so many other streaming options now.

  2. Hello David! Just to confirm can we only watch it on Binge at 8:30pm tonight or all the times listed. Not sure if the other times listed are for Foxtel viewers only! Just trying to juggle Australian Survivor and Wentworth and working out if we only have ‘one chance’ 😊

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