“I feel very lucky to be OK”

Sam Johnson is happy to be home, with more recovery ahead after an accident in June.

Actor Sam Johnson has made his first statement in weeks since an accident in June landed him in hospital.

On Facebook he wrote, “Woot, I’m home! So, I got into a dust-up with a small white vehicle, and lost badly! Huge props to the gang at Ambulance Victoria, VicPol, The Alfred and The Epworth for putting this Humpty back together again. Won’t bore you with all the medical stuffski, suffice to say I’ve been surrounded by a gang of experts, including the Occupational Therapist, who says it’s OK for me to go back to work on ‘light duties’ today!

“When you’ve been hit by a vehicle, little or otherwise, it can take a while to un-wonk yourself. Full recovery is within my grasp, I’ve just got a lot more work ahead of me. I feel very lucky to be OK, but I’m worried about what cancer is getting away with whilst I am on the mend.”

Johnson, who will wear a beck brace for 4 more weeks, continues to campaign for cancer research through the Love Your Sister Foundation.

Next week he can be heard as narrator of Nine’s Paramedics, no doubt with a new-found appreciation of their work.

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