If the Logies have to be delayed again….

With cases & lockdowns for the foreseeable future, here's one option that the Logies could consider.

After not being held in 2020 the Logie Awards are next scheduled for November 28 on the Gold Coast.

But with the current COVID-19 crisis on the East Coast, it’s too soon to know if they can safely proceed.

Everything pretty much hinges on NSW.

Yesterday Premier Gladys Berejiklian said by the end of October much of the population should be vaccinated, meaning people will be able to “live more freely beyond that point”, while the federal government hopes most of the nation will have had one jab by Christmas.

Then there is the risk of travelling over state borders only to discover getting home may be problematic. If the Logies were held in Sydney, like the AACTAs, their odds might be a little improved, but the event is underwritten by Tourism Queensland plus TV Week.

A year ago Victoria had some 700 cases and still got back to zero. But that was before the Delta variant.

Yesterday the Emmys just announced an outdoor event and cut down on nominees who can attend. It may soon be time to get creative here too…

If organisers find they have to push the event into 2022 the list of nominees will be very long indeed. It already includes most of the 2019 shows, all the 2020 and 2021 shows. Yikes.

I’d suggest this compromise: a virtual event in November (just as Emmys, BAFTAs, Golden Globes and every other awards have staged) with nominees from 2019 and 2020.

Then stage a physical event on the Gold Coast in May 2022 (the month they were traditionally held) with nominees from 2021. By juggling the eligibility period, the Logies would only be pushing back its physical event by 6 months and still have a full year of candidates.

Decisions will probably have to be made by September, if not sooner, on a way forward….

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  1. Just do a virtual event, and hand out some awards, seeing that the shows go back to 2019. Time is getting on too much, most of us won’t remember what we were watching 2 years ago.

    Start fresh next year, by then everything can go ahead unless there’ a new Covid variant the vaccines won’t help with.

  2. I thinkbyou’ll find the government fund many High quality Hollywood films and TV series- it’s just FTA go nowhere near them. Whilst the industry around the world has moved on from reality TV and invested in drama, comnercial FTA are still stuck in the reality obsessed world of the noughties.

  3. why do we still have the logies? our Country produces a lot of crap content especially in tv to reward them we should just get rid of them untill the government actually fund the arts and become the next hollywood and produce some actual content that people watch

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