Lachlan & Kiera win Beauty & the Geek

Nine reality series chooses its favourite couple, who will share in a $50,000 prize.

Beauty and the Geek last night awarded Lachlan & Kiera as series winners, sharing in a $100,000 prize.

Both were paired together by host Sophie Monk in episode three, after being coupled with others But they won three challenges together.

The final decision came down to a decision by the eliminated participants, jury style.

Host Sophie Monk said: “What an incredible show this has been! I’m beyond happy for Lachlan and Kiera, who are honestly the most genuine and deserving winners. There’s not a bad bone in either of them. They are such a gorgeous, sweet pair, with the most adorable and special connection.”

“To be crowned the 2021 Beauty and the Geek champion is just an unbelievable feeling. As a motorsport commentator, I have witnessed the outpouring of jubilation from drivers who have won major events, but now I know what it’s like to experience that sort of feeling myself – and it’s awesome,” said Lachlan.

“I feel so lucky to have been partnered with Kiera. She knew how to make me feel special and loved. We rode the emotional rollercoaster through laughter, tears and everything in between. I may not have found the romantic love of my life on the show, but I leave with a renewed sense of self-appreciation, confidence and understanding of how I deserve to be treated by girls.”

Kiera added: “I wanted to go on the show to find love, and that’s exactly what I got. I found my partner, my confidante, and my number one fan in Lachlan. He made me feel confident, resilient, and like I deserved to be there. I’ll forever be in his debt. I learnt so much about who I am and the person I want to be. Who knew ten Geeks and nine other Beauties would come into my life and completely change it for the better?

“Seeing two different walks of life come together and support each other in such a loving way has been amazing to watch. I’ve felt so proud to be a part of this experience. All of the beauties and geeks were an absolute pleasure to watch”.

The revamped series was produced by Endemol Shine Australia.

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  1. Beauty and the Geek is the best ‘love’ reality show on tv I won’t call it a dating show because it’s so much more. It is the only reality show my husband watches and we watch it together. It is so positive and so sweet. You don’t need bitchiness to enjoy a show!

  2. I agree with GladysK and alikatt, they’ve both summed up the show beautifully. It was so refreshing watching a reality show that was all positive for a change. Everyone was really well cast and genuinely nice! Sophie was a terrific host and a perfect fit for the show. I walked away feeling good about the whole season and there are plenty of reality shows where I could never say that. In a funny way it reminded me of Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds. Two different worlds collide and the outcome is feel good TV.

    More feel good reality TV please and less of the nastiness that seems to have taken over the reality sector.

  3. I agree 100% GladysK, I loved it too. I adored Eliza and the lovely girls really helped bring the guys out of their shell. Yes Sophie had her heart on her sleeve with this show, right up her ally, she was a well suited host for this show, that is for sure. Yes, great work to all behind the scenes on BATG. Clean genuine entertainment.

  4. BATG was a really sweet, feelgood show. I watched (and loved) every episode.

    Congrats to Lachie & Kiera – they were deserving winners and truly showed the most personal growth of the final three. Their pitches to the other contestants were heartfelt & genuine.

    George & Josie (my personal favorites) and Alex & Eliza gave lovely final speeches, but they’ll be fine without the Winner title.

    I loved Sophie’s candid remarks throughout the show, too (whether they were her own or supplied) – she did a fabulous job in her hosting role.

    Congrats to everyone involved. BATG was a comforting escape at a time when we all need it most.

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