OpenShop channel in administration

Two years after its launch on Ch. 75, shopping channel has entered voluntary administration.

Home-shopping channel OpenShop went into voluntary administration earlier this month just two years after launch, reportedly owing about $120,000 to its employees.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports OpenShop operated by The Australian Shopping Network, launched in August 201 on Seven’s Ch 75.

Presenters at launch (pictured) included Justine Diana, Zac Deane, Carla King-Turner, Nikki Vincent, Gabby Berry and Steven Milne.

But SMH notes complaints lodged with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission over concerns it was unable to compete with rival, TVSN.

Documents filed to the Australian Securities and Investment Commission show Seven is owed almost $1 million while its parent company, South Korea-based Hyundai Home Shopping Network, is owed $12 million.

On Facebook, customers are complaining of no responses to email or phone queries, and removals of reviews. Its website currently advises, “Following the appointment of the Voluntary Administrators the Company will no longer be accepting refunds, returns or exchanges,” adding ” affected parties may (subject to other remedies available to them) have a claim as an unsecured creditor of the Company.”

“Just received an email from OpenShop (TV shopping channel 75) have gone into administration. Not sure what it means for the presenters, some of who came over from TVSN,” reader Bella noted in the TV Lounge.

Earlier this month Seven did not respond to queries.

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  1. Is it only me that finds these home shopping channels strangely comforting/intriguing even. At least for maybe 10 or so minutes as I’m channel flicking. I don’t know what it is, maybe the hosts or something about the ability for someone to carry a show through with only a turquoise scarf to talk about.

  2. So why the hell is this channel even still on ,they are having a warehouse clearance sale now but I’ve tried to go to the website and it doesn’t appear ,i just wanted to see what’s happening ,is anyone else having issues ,I had no intention of buying.

  3. A game show channel would be a great replacement to Open Shop, I’m sure 7 could easily licence a couple hundred episodes from ITV, Sony and Freemantle quickly. It would be on the cheaper side to licence programming wise and demo friendly option for insurance ads, supermarket ads, infomercials and more. It could easily turn into a simple easy to watch channel. Something like 7Quiz or 7Game. Plus, you can easily watch a game show in standard definition, but a HD version would be appreciated too. I’m sure it could be a break even or profitable operation for 7 too. Just don’t forget to add it to regional area too.

    1. The USA has had Game Show Network since 1994 carried far and wide. Owned by Sony Pictures Television. There’s also Buzzr from FremantleMedia which airs on the Fox secondary channels. Many shows are in 4:3 SD. HD is a rare thing. Imagine licencing for Australia would be in the ‘too hard’ basket, or the ‘too expensive’ file.

  4. In the UK anyone can apply for a broadcasting licence on Freeview. You have Challenge, quiz shows. sky Arts. Smithsonian and PBS America. My favourite was the Horror channel. Drama, which showed Harrow and Doctor Doctor and many more. Now that 9 has Stan/sports and 10 has P+ it might be good to have a shake up.

  5. It’s unfortunate to read about the staff and consumers. I watch the shopping channels on the rare occasion to learn about new electrical products and technology, and it can appeal to shoppers of jewellery, clothing and kitchen appliances. Though as was seen with Seven’s Food Network, duplicate themed channels aren’t successful. There had already been SBS Food Network, and TVSN has been around for a long time with an established presence.

    I think a game show channel, or a channel that is based on archive programming that could appeal to older audiences could be more lucrative with standard ad breaks or ad breaks before and after programs. Music video channels that are monetised through SMS requests and scrolling text shoutouts and/or with some advertising are also common overseas, though personally I’d prefer ABC introducing a 24 hour Rage channel without any advertising.

    1. “a channel that is based on archive programming”. Unlikely. WIN-owned Crawford Productions seem to have most of the old series which are selling on DVD, not for FTA. The Sullivans, Homicide, Div. 4, Matlock, Solo One, Cop Shop, The Box, Flying Doctors, Carson’s Law, etc., etc. Other series produced by Grundy, JNP, etc. would have to be licenced, and therein lies the nightmares. As for Number 96, the first 584 episodes were produced in black and white. When Australian television switched to colour in 1975 Channel 10 didn’t think people would want to watch black and white again, so the master tapes were wiped.

  6. I would like to know who actually sits down and watches these shopping channels. I set up my tv so it keeps these and duplicated channels, it aint hard. Do the same with racing tv, etc. I know of on one who watches them.

    1. Its a bit of a guilty pleasure! Watching the cooking demos are good to see the product live in action.

      Sad to read that staff and may not have been paid. As they are all based in Sydney.

      Going by open shop’s social media, they haven’t been active since May.

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