Paul Barry returning to Media Watch chair

Paul Barry returns on Monday after 3 weeks of recuperation.

EXCLUSIVE: Paul Barry will be back in the Media Watch chair on Monday night.

Barry has been recovering from a broken hand and pelvis after a bingle with a car, whilst cycling earlier this month.

Guest host Janine told TV Tonight, “While I’ve had a ball, I have to say it’s not the way one wants to do it.

“A holiday (for Paul) would have been a much nicer way to do it. But I’m very glad he’s feeling better so quickly, because those photos of him in hospital looked pretty sad!

“But it’s good he’s back.”

Perrett delivers her final Media Bites edition through the show’s social outlets later today.

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  1. Not surprised he is rushing back, Janine Perrett was an amazing host. Good to have a female host as well, for a channel that promotes gender equality so heavily. Never take a holiday in media, as they say…

  2. Given that Media Watch and Media Bites will criticise the ABC, the job of the host who works in the same building could be a touch uncomfortable. Full marks to James Valentine, Jeremy Fernandez and Janine Perrett for grasping the poisoned chalice.
    Considering how well the substitute team played I’m not surprised that Paul was keen to get back to work and on-the-job physio. Good to see.

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