Returning: Gardening Australia

Costa returns to Fridays with garden guru, Tammy Huynh and author Holly Ringland.

After a midwinter break, Australia’s most popular lifestyle program Gardening Australia is back on ABC and ready for spring.

Costa catches up with an inner-city garden guru, Tammy Huynh, to learn how the ancient art of kokedama can create a dynamic display of indoor plants.

Sophie visits a spectacular flower farm in the Adelaide Hills, that specialise in growing Australian native cut flowers.

Jane shows us around her own courtyard garden and shares her tips for creating a personal, functional, and beautiful space.

Millie transforms a discarded BBQ into one of the most useful pieces of garden furniture, a potting bench.

Jerry joins a citizen science project in Brisbane that’s helping to identify the city’s most colourful characters.

We meet Holly Ringland, an award-winning author and host of the new ABC TV series Back to Nature, whose passion for plants and nature is written on every page of her own story.

Tino shares some tips for keeping bugs off your brassicas, Josh demonstrates how-to move a pear tree and Millie profiles a favourite flower.

Production credit: ABC Executive Producer, Gill Lomas.

7:30pm Friday on ABC.

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