Shelter: August highlights

Architecture, Design streamer has new titles from Australia, USA, France & Canada.

Architecture, Design, Home & Outdoor Living streamer Shelter has titles from Australia, USA, France & Canada in August.

There Goes Our Neighbourhood (57 mins) Australia 2018
August 2
There Goes Our Neighbourhood is the powerful, funny and uplifting story of a team of public housing locals who come together with a hope to unite their neighbourhood, convince residents and the outside world of the value of their community through an ambitious art project, in an attempt to prevent the destruction of their suburb Waterloo. The film explores the formidable forces stacked against them: the government, developers, real estate agents as well as the middle class gentrifiers who now covet convenient inner city addresses previously occupied by the urban poor.

Design v Build (32mins) USA 2021
August 9
Tucked away in the rolling hills of Northwest Arkansas is a world-class theatre dedicated to creating in-house productions for an intimate and inclusive environment. When it came time to expand, they landed a once-in-a-lifetime grant from the Walton Family Foundation, giving them the opportunity to work with world-renowned architects and theatre designers to create the perfect space. The new theatre was awarded the 2020 American Architecture Award, the AIA New York State Honor Award, an Interior Design Best of Year Award; and is widely held as a cultural landmark in Northwest Arkansas.

Form & Place (6 x 8mins) Canada 2020
August 16)
From the writer, director & producer of Coast Modern comes a series of shorts about people, places, and things that have left their mark on British Columbia’s Design and Architecture history.

Nature = Future (30 x 5mins) France 2016
August 23
From nature to high-tech, there’s only one tiny step. Let’s take that step with Nature = Future, a series that is all about scientific knowledge and the wonders of nature. We discover how scientists reproduce these unique properties from the living world to give us a future that will be more intelligent and more sustainable through design.

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