Sydney loses Hemsworth movie to Europe

Extraction 2 shifts to Prague, due to the ongoing lockdown saga.

Netflix is moving production of Chris Hemsworth action film Extraction 2 to in Prague, in the Czech Republic, due to the ongoing lockdown saga.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports a source close to the production indicated it was no longer possible to film the sequel to Extraction in Sydney before November when Hemsworth was due to begin filming Furiosa, the next instalment in the Mad Max franchise.

While production is permitted under current pandemic restrictions, the source said it was “risky” and “too logistically difficult” to scout locations and stage shoots involving large film crews.

The loss of the movie follows the recent cancellation of HBO movie Days of Abandonment starring Natalie Portman.

New Zealand recently lost Lord of the Rings to the UK due to COVID restrictions whilst Love Island is relocating to Northern NSW due to Queensland border restrictions.

Russell Crowe feature film Poker Face has also halted after a crew member tested positive to COVID-19.

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  1. From what I have read Natalie Portman’s withdrawal due to unseen personal reasons closed HBO’s the Day’s of Abandonment production. I would imagine that Prague was chosen for making Extraction 2 because it has much experience making fast action hit movies like Mission Impossible and Casino Royale.

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