The Bachelor: update

Double eps this week and next to bring Jimmy Nicholson series to a close sooner.

In the business it’s commonly known as “burning off….”

10 is screening a double episode of The Bachelor tonight, and will screen a double next Wednesday.

Ratings for the show have not been enticing, with two weeks hammered by Seven’s Olympics.

It drew 555,000 in its second outing but last night was 414,000, half those of Farmer Wants a Wife: Reunion.

10 had originally scheduled a double Law & Order: SVU repeat for 8:30pm tonight but a decision was made late last week for a single, with two Bachelor episodes instead.

That will see the series come to a close sooner rather than later, for single hunk Jimmy Nicholson.

7:30pm tonight on 10.

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  1. I’ve watched pretty much every season of the Bachelor and Bachelorette. I used to watch the US version too in years gone by. I see two main issues with today’s shows. The first are the people cast as the bachelor/ bachelorette. Now I think Jimmy is a great guy and presents well, but I’m not invested in him. I really like how the US cast someone from the previous series who missed out. They did this initially with Sam Frost as the Bachelorette and next up we’ll have Brooke who I grew to really like when she was on the Bachelor, so I think she’s a great choice.

    The other, and bigger issue for me though are the potential suitors. There’s too much focus on nasty people and their antics. For example, I’ve become very bored with constantly hearing Stephanie’s views on everything this series. She’s hung around far too long. Maybe this show needs to try casting a lot more genuine nice people who are there for the right reasons. That worked for Beauty and the Geek.

  2. The problem with The Bachelor this year is casting. The Bach is boring. So many catty girls. I’m really struggling to find anyone to root for. Hopefully The Bachelorette will refresh the brand. With guys and girls vying, should make it interesting.

    1. Seeing as The Masked Singer is one of Ten’s better performers, I doubt that they would have wanted to settle for mediocre ratings during the Olympics when it could be rating in the 800,000s later in the year.

  3. Burning off as viewers are burnt out. With The Bachelor, The Bachelorette as well as Bachelor in Paradise, 10 have milked the brand dry!
    MasterChef appears on a similar trajectory with the upcoming celebrity series.
    In the TV landscape, it is fascinating how networks generally stick with a brand until ratings shrink to a quarter of the heights of yesteryear. Money talks I suppose, as well as the risk of a new format or show!

  4. What’s the rush? 414,000 seems reasonable by Ten’s primetime standards.

    It’s not as if they have a better-performing show to replace it with. (?)

    And with The Bachelor being a bit of a dud this year, I have a feeling that The Bachelorette will tank even harder (though I am particularly curious to see how that will perform this year, as The Bachelorette generally tends to rate lower, I believe, with the key exception being Sophie Monk’s season).

  5. This is dire news for Bachy. Maybe time to rest it. I used to love and watch religiously stopped watching last year with lochie he was a horrific choice and now i just cbf with it anymore and even the ads looked boring. I will watch bachelorette with Brooke i think thats a great casting.

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