The Voice too strong for Block room reveals

1.23m viewers sold on The Voice, upstaging The Block room reveals & Australian Survivor.

The Voice continued its reign on Sunday with a knockout 1.23m metro viewers for Seven.

That was way in front of The Block room reveals at 758,000 -barely improving on the launch of 747,000- then Australian Survivor (664,000 from 7:30pm) and Joanna Lumley’s Britain (613,000 from 7:40pm).

But later 60 Minutes led at 643,000 then Homicide with Ron Iddles (576,000) and The Newsreader (552,000).

Seven network won Sunday with a 32.0% share then Nine 27.6%, 10 17.9%, ABC 15.9% and SBS 6.7%.

Seven News was #1 at 1.27m viewers. Hatton Garden double episodes were 180,000 / 88,000.

Nine News drew 1.17m for Nine with a late edition at 384,000.

The Sunday Project averaged 447,000 / 342,000 for 10. 10 News First was 334,000 / 283,000. FBI was 248,000 / 159,000.

ABC News (735,000) was best for ABC. Traces (249,000) and Compass (211,000) followed.

On SBS it was SBS World News (187,000 / 162,000) with three episodes of Roman Megastructures (123,000).

ABC News’ Coronavirus: Public Update was highest on multichannels at 359,000 with the biggest audience in Sydney.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 15 August 2021.

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  1. In an immensely ironic coincidence, tonight on ABC1 ‘Beyond The Towers’ about the 20th anniversary of the terror attacks on the US and the aftermath-this on the day Kabul and the whole of Afghanistan falls again to the Taliban-so very like the fall of Saigon in 1975 which I remember, or the fall of Paris in 1940 which I don’t…

  2. The SBS ‘Roman Megastructures’ was a French series about Roman sites in Gaul/France-barely a mention of the other iconic buildings around the rest of the empire-showing all 3 eps in a row was a bit too much and also highlit the repetition of the recreation footage and description of construction techniques.

  3. The Voice this year has been a really pleasant surprise and the refresh is a breath of fresh air. The coaches are great and the talent is incredible this year. It’s no surprise it’s doing what it’s doing. I wonder if Nine are regretting it? Mind you if Nine kept The Voice, most likely they’d keep the same coaches and i think sometimes, a series needs a refresh, be it new coaches or in The Blocks case, new hosts. The format is tired, just like MKR was and if you ask me, it needs a rest. One thing i will say too though is somehow Seven know how to refresh a series and do it well. They’ve had success with 3 series now in Big Brother, The Voice and Farmer.

  4. I second screened The Block when last week on the first night while watching news and Survivor. I don’t think I saw anything going on to do with renovations, other than quick time lapse shots of tradies doing stuff.

    If only the Block could be on once a week. There’s too many hours per week of it now to commit to anyway.

  5. I’ve never watched past seasons of the block. I watched the initial episode this year and wasn’t impressed but I thought room reveals on Sundays are supposed to be the best. Watched yesterday after recording it. I’m glad I didn’t watch it “live”. So many ads, recaps and silly nonsense and then a brief room reveal. I realize that it was only a bedroom but??? Apart from painting what do the contestants actually do? I cant think of any reason why I would watch again.

    1. I have watched past seasons of the block but mainly just the Sunday reveal shows. I watched the first segment last night and there was so much ‘silly nonsense’ as you put it. I didn’t see any renovations, the closest I saw was the women in the above picture telling everyone how good she is at picking art. It’s a thumb’s down for me!

  6. Who in 2021 would have thought The Voice could pull these sorts of numbers again? Nine certainly didn’t! Seven’s strategy of rehashing old formats from the other networks is working very well for them. Really enjoyed The Newsreader last night – glad I gave it a go. I will be back next week. However, disappointed to see all the eps are not available on iView and they are releasing weekly – not sure if this is a deliberate throwback to the 80s keeping with the show’s timeline? Would have happily watched ep 2 straight after!

  7. I know a few Survivor fans that are thinking of jumping ship if they allow what occurred at the end of last night’s episode. For the time being, I’m neither here nor there on it myself, but it’s something that probably has to be ruled out in future seasons… Or else it could lead to some silly results.

    1. Sorry I asked a question before looking and finding out the answer. I see now you are talking about the
      idol. Definitely wrong wrong wrong. My only criticism of Survivor Aust is when Jonathon stretches out the tribal questions on and on and on. I start to nod off !

      1. Yes – completely agree! I was watching an old US season over the weekend, and it is so much faster. The whole tribal council part from entering, questions, voting, reading the votes to someone going home is often less then 5 minutes.

    2. Am I the only one who can’t see anything wrong with this? I am more surprised that it hasn’t happened more often. Is there something in the rules that says you can’t give your idol to someone else if you are voted out? I think it’s funny that George thinks it has been flushed out when it’s still out there and this time he doesn’t know about it, let alone who has it!

  8. Who knew there would be such demand for a refreshed version of the block? Even allowing for some inflated numbers due to lockdown in Sydney and Melbourne, it’s still doing great business. Perhaps helped along somewhat by the block showing it’s age and numbers reflecting that.

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