Tina Bursill joins Wentworth

Original Prisoner star adopts a new character for Wentworth's final instalment.

Respected actor Tina Bursill (Doctor Doctor) has joined the final instalment of Wentworth, to play Eve Wilder, originally portrayed in Prisoner by Lynda Stoner.

“Historically, I was in the original Prisoner,” says Bursill, whose Sonia Stevens character was recently reimagined by Sigrid Thornton.

“When I knew I was coming into the show, I was thrilled, so excited,” she told Wentworth: Unlocked.

“There’s a litany of deaths behind this woman. ”

There are hints Eve will also team up with another character, becoming a ‘formidable duo.’

“I think this is going to be a big finish, a big bang. It’s a very exciting pice of television. Particularly as it’s coming to its close, I think everybody is just putting everything into it. Every bit of energy is going in. It’s wonderful.”

Wentworth: Unlocked special airs 8:30pm Tuesday on FOX Showcase.

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  1. Funny, because I’ve been watching season 5 recently, and while watching Sigrid, I often imagine how Tina would have delivered the scene and gestures. Interesting that she’s playing a character previously played by Lynda Stoner, who would have been a lot younger then. I remember Lynda joined Prisoner after Cop Shop ended, but I have no memory of her character or what she did.

  2. I cancelled Foxtel last year after Wentworth, the only show I watch on Foxtel. Between all the streaming services including FTA, there is more than enough content to enjoy, without paying high prices for Foxtel.

    This year, I was planning to watch Wentworth at a friend’s place who has Foxtel, but I don’t think that will pass as an essential reason at the moment! (I’m in Sydney).

  3. If you have Binge can you access ‘Wentworth: Unlocked’ and ‘Wentworth’ from next week? I remember comments last year but don’t recall if it’s live or available on demand. Currently don’t have Foxtel but have Binge as we recently watched ‘Mr Inbetween’. Any tips or recommendations on the best way to view this special and the final season are appreciated.

    1. My understanding is Wentworth remains a Foxtel property, but you can try through the Live Channels at the time of AEST broadcast.

      Be warned the Unlocked special has quite a few spoilers on upcoming episodes, I decided to turn it off.

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