10 BOLD now in High Definition

10 BOLD moves to MPEG4... but if you can no longer watch it, here's what to do.

10 BOLD recently updated to a High Definition MPEG4 channel with surround sound audio in capital cities around Australia.

But the move means some older television screens may be unable to access the channel.

10 advises:

  • If you have a modern television (less than approx. 5 years old) should not need to do anything. Your TV should automatically receive the new 10 BOLD service in HD.
  • If you have an older televisions (up to approx. 9 years old), you may need to rescan your television to continue watching 10 BOLD in HD.
  • If you have a very old televisions (over 9 years old), you may not be able to receive 10 BOLD after Thursday 23rd September. This is due to very old televisions not being equipped with MPEG4 capability.

Note: If you can receive 10 HD on LCN 1 or LCN 15 then you will also be able to receive 10 BOLD in HD on LCN 12.

10 advises if your TV is not compatible, the cheapest option is to purchase a set-top box that is HD compatible. There are a few brands available at $40 (and some around $34).

It also supplied the following advice for Foxtel viewers:

  • Foxtel cable subscribers with a modern Foxtel STB (IQ series) will continue to receive 10 BOLD as before but now in HD.
  • Foxtel cable subscribers with a very old Foxtel STB will not be able to receive 10 BOLD after Thursday 23rd September unless they upgrade their STB to a IQ series STB.

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    1. ABC has a lot of older viewers…like me…who have older TVs…
      If everything went HD…their TVs would not work….I can watch on my PC…but many aged only have their TV, on pensions.and not remotely up on technology…

  1. Can anyone reading this comment confirm if regional viewers watching 10 BOLD on channels broadcast by Southern Cross Austereo or the WIN Network (such as those in the Eastern States outside of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth) will also be able to watch the 10 BOLD channel in High Definition commencing this Thursday 30th September…or not ?

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