60 Minutes: Sept 26

Tom Steinfort reports on living with COVID and getting children back into the classroom as quickly as possible.

On 60 Minutes this Sunday, living with COVID, an American tragedy and a businessman pushing back at the Chinese regime.

American Tragedy
This past week the world has watched an unfolding American tragedy. Gabby Petito and her fiancé Brian Laundrie were a young couple who seemed to have it all – an enduring love and a longing for adventure. Two months ago they set off in their little white van on a road trip across the United States. Like so many others, Gabby and Brian wanted to show off their idyllic and carefree lives on YouTube and Instagram, but it’s now clear the postcard images and million-dollar smiles were hiding an ugly truth. On 60 Minutes, Sarah Abo speaks with forensic experts and eyewitnesses about the couple’s ill-fated journey, to find the answer to the question everyone is asking: Could Gabby Petito’s life have been saved?
Reporter: Sarah Abo
Producers: Amelia Ballinger, Sammi Taylor, Sheree Gibson

Back to School
How many times recently have we been told we must “learn to live with COVID”? It’s the mantra now being drummed into us by health experts and politicians. But for young Australians especially, the phrase is ironic, considering how much learning they’ve missed out on since COVID’s unwelcome arrival. Schools have been thrown into chaos and students forced into lockdown have lost months of valuable face-to-face time with their teachers. But as Tom Steinfort reports, we really do need to learn to live with COVID, and that means getting children back into the classroom as quickly – and safely – as possible.
Reporter: Tom Steinfort
Producers: Natalie Clancy, Tracey Hannaford

Revenge of the Tycoon
As Australia and the rest of the world is often reminded, the Chinese regime is thin-skinned. Anyone criticising Beijing does so at their own peril and can expect immediate and often heavy-handed payback. And it’s not just foreigners who face the consequences. Desmond Shum is a Chinese tycoon who used to be feted at the highest levels of the Communist Party. The businessman could do no wrong until four years ago, when he and his equally prominent ex-wife, billionaire Whitney Duan, inexplicably tumbled out of favour. Now Desmond is a pariah of the state, so he’s decided to fight back by revealing the many secrets of China’s elite leaders.
Reporter: Liam Bartlett
Producers: Thea Dikeos

8:30pm (ish) Sunday on Nine.

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