Airdate: The Kingmaker: John Brennan

Meet the man who launched the careers of Alan Jones, Mike Walsh, Ray Hadley, & Stan Zemanek.

This one will interest local showbiz pundits…

FOX Docos will screen The Kingmaker: John Brennan, the story of one of Australia’s most influential men in radio.

He was known as the Radio Kingmaker. Responsible for launching the careers of notable radio personalities Alan Jones, Mike Walsh, Ray Hadley, and Stan Zemanek. John Brennan was integral in crafting Australian talkback radio as we know it today. Receiving an OAM in 1989, Brennan had an impact on radio that spanned decades, with the insight to harness the power of talkback giving voice to the everyman.

Updated: Sunday October 10 at 7.30pm on FOX Docos.

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