Airdate: Tony Awards 2021

In what may well be a first, the Tony Awards screen Live on Free to Air.

In what may well be a first, the Tony Awards will screen Live on Free to Air on Monday morning.

These have traditionally screened on Foxtel Arts (and sometimes Arena or Bio), but now ViacomCBS has the rights it has shifted to 10 Peach.

Audra McDonald hosts the 74th Annual Tony Awards, and Leslie Odom Jr. hosts a live concert event celebrating the return to Broadway.

Live 9am AEST Monday September 27 on 10 Peach.

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  1. I have a few VHS’s of the Tony Awards taped, when ABC used to play them on a Sunday afternoon in the 90’s. One of the year’s was when ‘The Who’s Tommy’ and ‘Kiss of the Spiderwoman – the musical’ swept the awards. So excited for this on Monday. Yippee!

    1. I think you will find there are more than a few fans of Broadway shows. I wasn’t very familiar with Hamilton or Book of Mormon until I saw them on the Tony Awards, then both played here (including one on Disney+). I always encourage people to comment from their own viewing experience and not to speak for others…

      1. As virtually no Australians are in a position to visit New York City and see the actual shows with their original casts, sets etc, it can’t be denied that the awards have little relevance for the vast majority-for TV or films one gets to see what the Yanks and others do…

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