Auditions: The Voice: Generations

That's officially two Voice seasons in 2022...

Get ready for two seasons in 2022.

Both The Voice Season 11 and The Voice: Generations are coming to Seven.

“If you perform alongside other singers or musicians from other generations, if you jam out with your dad’s mates, rock out with your neighbours, sing with your daughter, perform as a family around the campfire then apply below,” a casting notice advises.

There are no restrictions for age or number of group members (minimum 2). Every act must contain at least one vocalist and be representative of more than one “generation.”

Seven’s Network Director of Programming, Angus Ross, previously said, “We are so thrilled with the series, we think it deserves a spin-off and The Voice: Generations is the perfect way to add an exciting new dimension to the format.”

You’ll need to be quick. Applications for both shows close Wednesday 8 September 2021.

You can apply here.

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  1. Honestly sounds terrible. Plus what others have said, over saturation is a huge thing. Networks seem to do it all the time though. Instead of creating a spinoff they should just put the money back into the original and fix the issues of this season which is the cutting of so many artists before we even hear them sing again in one of the most poorly edited episodes of television i’ve seen in a while. Bring back battles or do something and get rid of that terrible choice to either put straight through or wait during knockouts. Like what was that?

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