“Bullpitt! was politically incorrect, but it was meant to be politically incorrect”

Wentworth's Jacqui Brennan remembers the short-lived Kingswood Country sequel and working with the great Ross Higgins.

When it screened in 1997 Seven sitcom Bullpitt! didn’t attract positive reviews.

The sequel to the hit ’80s sitcom Kingswood Country put its leading man Ted Bullpitt (Ross Higgins) into the Whispering Pines Retirement Home, where his conservative views continued to raise eyebrows.

Jacqueline Brennan (Wentworth) recalls, “It was politically incorrect, but it was meant to be politically incorrect. It was a fun role. I played Samantha who ran the retirement village but hated old people! They drove her nuts.

“It was written by Tony Sattler and Gary Reilly. It was one of the last sitcoms shot in front of a live audience. So I got that real ‘theatre buzz’ that television has. And I did one of the one of the very last ones after called Sit Down Shut Up. So a lot of my history has been comedy – especially really heightened comedy.”

Bullpitt! only lasted for one season of 26 episodes, although it was nominated for Most Popular Comedy at the Logie Awards.

Brennan still has fond memories of the very versatile Ross Higgins, who died in 2016 at the age of 85.

“I do remember that Ross Higgins was a germaphobe. His son Brendan told me they were never allowed to blow out candles on their cakes. He would give them a mini-fan to blow out the candles because he also had a very healthy voiceover career. So obviously he didn’t want his voice to be affected and become sick. So they weren’t allowed to blow out candles on their birthday cakes!”

Politically incorrect humour may offend!


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  1. I remember the show at the time, everyone knew it was a throwback to another time and was trying to challenge the emerging so-called PC culture.
    It also came shortly after the first rise of Pauline Hanson as well if I recall.

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