Bumped: Making It

Ambitious reality series is now moving to Saturday nights after drawing low numbers for 10.

TV Tonight can reveal 10 is moving quickly on poor numbers for its reality contest Making It.

Last night the show drew just 289,000 metro viewers in a 7:30 timeslot, tripled by The Block and doubled by SAS Australia.

New episodes will move to 6pm Saturdays from this weekend followed by 2 x The Dog House (UK) and a repeat of Young Talent Time: Unmasked at 9:30pm.

This leaves some juggling for next week with a Graham Norton Show episode on James Bond (guests Daniel Craig, Lea Seydoux, Lashana Lynch, Rami Malek and Ed Sheeran) to screen at 7:30pm Wednesday October 6.

On Thursday 7th will be high-profile doco Prince Phillip: The Royal Family Remembers at 7:30pm (a better slot than the planned 9pm Wednesday) followed by Gogglebox.


The Graham Norton Show will also screen on October 13 with an Ambulance Australia replay on October 14.

10 is also plugging The Bachelorette with Brooke Blurton due soon.

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  1. I lost interest the moment Russell left, prematurely, I thought. I think it’s too long and they should have scrapped the idea of two challenges per ep and just done the main one. I record it and jump straight to the judging of the main challenge. Even that’s a bit of a slog!

  2. Im with you Maev..i watch bull in repeats too…but really do need to see some new ones soon😄and i so wanted to like making it…i really like the hosts,great chemistry, but i think its the casting of the contestants..and the funniest most interesting contestant went home epidode 2 and i havn’t watched it since.

  3. I knew it would flop it’s a bloody chore to sit through all of it and the creations don’t really matter I’d rather cake making because you know the toppings will be something you can relate to like pop culture like when someones trying to achieve the likeness of a famous person…bring on the bachelorette already.

  4. The Aus version of Making It is a great production, as good as or possibly better than the US original, but the scheduling is killing it. 2 episodes in mid-week prime time isn’t the right place for it.

  5. This show gets bumped but Ten is still happy to do 3-hour Bull marathons on Wednesday which are watched by even less people. I don’t understand Ten’s fixation on this show, it seems to be untouchable in taking up a large chunk of prime time midweek airtime, even though nobody watches it!

  6. 90 minutes twice a week has been a lot to sit down for. Makes it a bit of a chore not the fun it should be.

    But this weekend it will be smashed by NRL final. Better to wait a week unless the have already written it off and just want to burn it off nicely?

  7. Its not a TV show to have up against other shows like The Block and SAS Australia. I would have thought that was obvious. Its a craft show for kids and adult crafters who would likely prefer it on a weekend rather than in prime time up against fav other shows that are a must see every week.

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